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Empowering your electric journey with AC charging

Wide Application Scenarios

Compared with DC chargers, AC chargers have lower demands on the grid’s capacity, making them more easily integrated into residential applications. This flexibility ensures that they can be deployed in multiple regions and settings with different electrical systems and grid configurations.



AC EV Charging Solutions

BENY offers a range of portable and wall-mounted AC chargers, featuring power ratings spanning from 3.7 to 22 kW, and available with one or two charging connectors. These chargers are equipped with advanced intelligent charging technology, rigorously validated for stability and reliability. They incorporate DLB functionality to intelligently distribute electricity, ensuring the steady operation of all connected appliances. Furthermore, these chargers have obtained CE certification, garnering industry recognition.

Solution Benefits

BENY provides users with a variety of chargers to meet different demands, offering outstanding charging experience 

More Affordable

AC chargers stand out due to the high level of maturity and relatively straightforward design, resulting in lower costs for procurement, installation, and maintenance.

More Reliable

AC chargers offer a more stable and consistent charging current and voltage, thus providing enhanced protection for charging equipment and electric vehicle batteries.

Widely Applicable

With lower demands on the power grid's capacity and simple installation, AC chargers are highly versatile, particularly in residential settings where they find widespread applicability.

Easy Maintenance

Utilizing a modular design approach ensures ease of maintenance. Remote monitoring and operational control can be realized with a mobile App.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Compatibility with the OCPP 1.6J protocol facilitates seamless data transmission, enabling remote monitoring and management through a smart mobile application. This empowers users to access real-time status updates and historical usage statistics from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, users can benefit from advanced functionalities such as charging reservations, max current configuration, and remote firmware upgrades, ensuring access to the latest and most robust features while maintaining device stability.

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Dynamic Load Balancing

BENY's AC chargers are equipped with Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) functions, ensuring the stable operation of the electrical system. These chargers automatically adjust the current distributed to the electric vehicle (EV) based on the electricity consumption patterns of other appliances. In addition, users have the flexibility to configure various modes using the mobile app to align with their specific requirements.

Product Design with User-Oriented

Exceptional charging reliability is attained through the implementation of multiple protection mechanisms, including leakage and over-temperature protection. These chargers offer versatile connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G, allowing seamless network integration and enabling convenient charging management via a mobile application. Additionally, they incorporate eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies, resulting in low power consumption, minimal noise levels, and zero emissions.

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AC EV Charging Solution Provider for Global Automakers

Works with Any Models

Automakers trust EVB AC EV chargers to power their models efficiently and safely. We work with several high-end brands such as Nissan, Hyundai, Chevrolet, and Mitsubishi.

Global Industry Standards

EVB AC EV chargers have gone through strict testing and inspections, making them compliant with global standards on safety and performance.

Established Reliability

For several years, we have been establishing the standards for AC EV chargers. As technology advances, we continue to adapt to the current trend in our charging units.

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