Enhancing Electric Vehicle Charging with EVB’s 22kW AC Charger

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As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, the demand for efficient and user-friendly charging solutions is on the rise. EVB, our company, is at the forefront of providing advanced charging solutions, and our EVB Smart EV Charger Type 2 with Cable is no exception. Let’s explore how our 22kW AC charger can enhance electric vehicle charging and meet the needs of our customers.

EVB Smart EV Charger Type 2 with Cable – A Comprehensive Charging Solution

Our EVB Smart EV Charger Type 2 with Cable is a comprehensive charging solution designed to make the charging process convenient and hassle-free. Its key features set it apart from the competition. The charger is compatible with our smart app, allowing EV owners to control and monitor the charging process remotely. With support for OCPP 1.6J, our charger seamlessly integrates with various charging management systems, providing flexibility and compatibility.

Smart App Control for Charging Management

Controlling our EVB 22kW AC charger through our smart app offers numerous benefits to our customers. By connecting the charger to the app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, EV owners can easily manage their charging sessions from the palm of their hand. The smart app provides a range of features to enhance the charging experience. With one-to-one binding, users can securely connect their charger to the app, ensuring personalized control and security. Charging data and status can be viewed in real time, keeping users informed about the progress of their charging sessions. Additionally, the app allows users to set up charging configurations, schedule charging sessions to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, and receive firmware updates to ensure optimal performance of the charger.

Dynamic Load Balancing for Efficient Energy Usage

Our EVB BCP series AC EV charger incorporates dynamic load balancing (DLB) functionality to optimize energy usage. DLB intelligently balances the energy consumption between the EV charger and other household appliances. By monitoring the overall electricity consumption, the charger ensures that the available power is distributed efficiently, preventing home overload and maximizing the use of available resources. This not only optimizes energy usage but also contributes to the overall safety and stability of the electrical system.


In conclusion, EVB, our company, is dedicated to enhancing electric vehicle charging with our state-of-the-art 22kW AC charger. Our EVB Smart EV Charger Type 2 with Cable offers a comprehensive charging solution with its smart app compatibility, OCPP 1.6J support, and multiple connectivity options. With the convenience of smart app control, our customers can easily manage and monitor their charging sessions, customize settings, and receive firmware updates. Furthermore, the dynamic load balancing feature optimizes energy usage, ensuring efficient and safe charging. Join EVB in revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging experience with our innovative products.

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