EVB Type 2 Socket Electric Vehicle Charger: Powering Your EV Effortlessly

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When it comes to charging your Type 2 socket electric vehicle, you need a reliable and efficient solution that delivers power quickly and safely. At EVB, our company is dedicated to providing the best charging experience for our customers. Our EVB Type 2 Socket Electric Vehicle Charger is designed to meet your charging needs with ease and convenience.

Fast and Efficient Charging Power

Our EVB Type 2 Socket Electric Vehicle Charger offers flexible charging power options to suit your requirements. With charging power options of 7.4 kW, 11 kW, and 22 kW, you can choose the level of power that best fits your electric vehicle. This ensures that you can charge your vehicle efficiently, even when time is limited. In fact, our charger can deliver a charging distance of 40 km in just 1 hour, allowing you to get back on the road quickly.

Advanced Certifications and Full Protection

At EVB, we prioritize safety and quality. Our products are built to meet industry standards and come with certifications such as CE, UKCA, RCM, and RoHS. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to providing reliable and safe charging solutions for our customers. Additionally, our EVB Type 2 Socket Electric Vehicle Charger is equipped with full protection features to prevent overcurrent and ensure a secure charging environment. You can charge your electric vehicle with peace of mind, knowing that our charger has your safety as a top priority. Moreover, we have integrated an kWh meter into our charger, allowing for accurate measurement of energy usage during the charging process.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Performance

Our EVB Type 2 Socket Electric Vehicle Charger is packed with innovative features that enhance its performance and usability. With seamless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 4G capabilities, you can effortlessly stay connected to our charger. This enables automatic firmware updates and remote maintenance, ensuring that your charger is always up to date and operating optimally. Additionally, we offer customizable branding options, allowing you to promote your business’s commitment to electric mobility. Showcase your brand’s dedication to sustainability and attract environmentally-conscious customers with a charger that reflects your values. Furthermore, our charger provides universal compatibility with Type 2 plug-equipped electric cars, delivering up to 22 kW per connector. This means that regardless of the electric vehicle you own, our charger can power it efficiently and reliably.


In conclusion, the EVB Type 2 Socket Electric Vehicle Charger is the ideal solution for powering your electric vehicle effortlessly. With its fast and efficient charging power options, advanced certifications, full protection features, and innovative capabilities, our product is designed to meet your charging needs. Choose EVB and experience the convenience, reliability, and performance that our chargers offer. Power your electric vehicle with confidence and embrace the future of sustainable transportation.

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