EVB Unveils Its Newest Home Energy Management System at Open Energies Exhibition

January 23-24, 2024, France – At the recent Open Energies exhibition in France, EVB once again took the spotlight, presenting its latest smart energy solutions. These innovations target both home and business users, offering a more intelligent and efficient energy management experience, and attracting attention from exhibitors and attendees alike.

As sustainable energy progresses rapidly, the demand for intelligent household energy management grows. By the end of 2023, over a million Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) were installed in European households, yet the market penetration rate remains low. Projections suggest HEMS installations will reach 5.2 million units by 2027, with a 40.3% compound annual growth rate.

Responding to this demand, EVB introduced its industry-leading Home Energy Management System to the local market. Tailored for homes with photovoltaic power systems, this system monitors real-time energy usage, intelligently adjusting based on user preferences, maximizing energy utilization, and reducing waste. It seamlessly integrates with EV chargers like the EVB BCP series, dynamically increasing charging power when the photovoltaic system generates excess energy and thus ensuring full electric commuting and travel.

EVB not only made strides in the residential sector but also brought innovation to the commercial domain. At the exhibition, EVB showcased its latest Floor-mounted AC EV Charger (22kW) equipped with intelligent features like human sensing, temperature monitoring, and WPS Wi-Fi connectivity for convenience. The dual-socket design allows simultaneous charging for two vehicles, optimizing space utilization. The DLB function effectively addresses challenges in charging station management. Investors praised EVB’s innovative design as a convenient solution for constructing and managing charging stations.

Wang Jundan, EVB’s General Manager, affirmed, “Our dedication lies in delivering secure, dependable, and efficient smart energy solutions to users. With this exhibition, we aim to foster collaborations with more partners and collaboratively propel the development and implementation of renewable energy.”

EVB’s smart energy and charging solutions hold vast application prospects in residential and commercial sectors. The company will continue innovating, introducing new products like storage-integrated EV chargers and low-power DC chargers. There will be a keen focus on adapting existing products to market demands, expanding the product power range, accelerating updates and iterations, and driving product differentiation to offer more suitable solutions to users.

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