A Strategic Investment for Industry and Commerce: DC EV Chargers

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The past decade has seen a rise in the popularity and development of electric vehicles (EVs) globally as concerns over environmental sustainability and energy security increase. Countries and states worldwide have introduced supportive policies and incentives to promote EVs and the necessary charging infrastructure. 

To meet peak demand for power supply and store excess energy during low demand periods, achieving supply-demand balance, integrating DC EV chargers with industrial and commercial energy storage can be a valuable strategic investment with numerous benefits. Adding energy storage can not only alleviate the pressure on the power grid but also meet users’ fast charging demand.

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Advantages of Integrating DC EV Chargers and Energy Storage in Industry and Commerce

Integrating DC EV charger solutions and energy storage within industry and commercial spaces holds great potential for strategic benefits. DC fast charging enables businesses to provide convenient charging options for their EV customers. Its key advantages include:

1. Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Integrating DC fast chargers with industrial and commercial energy storage systems allows businesses to attract more EV drivers who will be repeat customers. The difference between the system and a separate DC charger is that it can provide users with a more stable charging experience. By optimizing energy usage and meeting the electricity needs of different times, this charging system makes workplaces, retail stores, and other business areas a habitual choice for EV owners.

Moreover, the industrial and commercial energy storage system also provides regulation services for peak and low electricity prices from the power grid, providing more cost-effective charging modes for car owners.

2. Improve User Experience

The most obvious advantage of a system that integrates DC charging stations and energy storage is its ability to respond quickly to sudden power outages. For example, during power outages, EV owners can continue to use the energy storage system without affecting their travel arrangements.

In addition, the industrial and commercial energy storage system can automatically adjust the charging power according to the power grid loads and user needs, ensuring the stability and safety of the user’s charging process. DC EV chargers can also significantly shorten charging time, providing fast and convenient solutions for users with limited time.

3. Improve Corporate Image

Proactively expanding DC fast charging services shows companies’ commitment to sustainability and innovation. This boosts their reputation as environmentally responsible enterprises among eco-conscious consumers and partners. The combination of DC chargers and energy storage

systems also reflects the forward-looking arrangement of the enterprise. This efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent charging system enhances their image and brand value.

4. Charging Safety and Management

The integration of DC EV chargers and energy storage systems enables enterprises to not only remotely monitor energy usage and quickly solve technical issues but also optimize energy distribution and enhance electricity elasticity. In addition, DC EV chargers have multiple safety measures to protect the charging process, while energy storage systems can balance power supply fluctuations, thus reducing the risk of downtime and maximizing utilization.

Precautions for Installing DC Fast Charging Stations

While DC fast charging and energy storage systems provide various benefits, installing high-powered DC fast charging stations demands careful planning to fully realize its potential without issues. Several important factors need evaluation during the implementation process, including:

1. Accessible Location Planning

Chargers must be strategically positioned in prominent areas with maximum visibility, ease of access, and adequate parking space for EVs. Well-lit locations with security are favoured for user comfort and safety. Installation sites also require proximity to energy storage systems to optimize DC EV charger usage. The location selection process should involve analyzing user density, traffic patterns, expansion of energy storage systems, and future EV adoption trends in the surrounding area.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Strict adherence to all applicable local, state/provincial, and national regulations is essential. This includes specifications for equipment installation, operating permits, payment integration, safety provisions, etc. Compliance certifications need to be obtained from the local government to mitigate potential risks and responsibilities. Proper load estimations and infrastructure upgrades must be carried out in collaboration with local electric authorities.

3. Integration with Existing Infrastructure

High-power DC fast chargers may demand lots of power, representing a massive electrical load. Therefore, before installing DC charging stations, it is necessary to evaluate and plan the existing infrastructure. For example, ensuring compatibility and proper integration with energy storage systems can prevent situations where the capacity of energy storage devices is too small or the interfaces do not match. Improper integration may pose a risk of overloads, electrical faults, or fires.

4. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Enterprises

A thorough financial evaluation must account for costs of equipment, installation, operating expenses, incentive programs, estimated usage levels, etc. Charging revenue projections need to be balanced against long-term costs. The analysis helps ensure a reasonable payback period and return on investment for the business before committing to large commercial EV charger investments and energy storage systems.

Through the above installation plan, businesses can successfully deploy DC fast charging stations integrated with industrial and commercial energy storage systems, maximizing their own and user benefits.

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Product Recommendation: DC EV Charger from EVB Charger

EVB Charger is a manufacturer of renewable energy and EV charging solutions with over ten years of industry experience. Headquartered in China as a subsidiary of BENY, we have a global presence through multiple overseas offices that help better serve customers. We are committed to pushing innovation through R&D to provide optimal technology for safe, efficient, and convenient EV charging. Our high-quality products and excellent after-sales support have earned the trust and loyalty of a large number of customers worldwide, including major EV companies.

One of our top solutions for industrial and commercial applications is the Floor-Mounted 3 Guns DC EV Charger. It can be integrated with commercial energy storage systems, which is a charging solution specifically proposed by EVB Charger for commercial environments. It’s a premium DC EV charger product well-suited for electric vehicle charging needs across industries, workplaces, and retail areas due to its fast charging design, wide connectivity options, and intelligent management capabilities. Some of its key features include:

  • Power ratings from 82kW to 262kW to suit a wide range of use cases
  • Compatibility with major connector types like CCS, CHAdeMO, and AC (optional) for universal vehicle compatibility
  • A large 9.1-inch LCD display and LED indicators provide clear charging status visibility
  • Waterproof IP55 casing for reliable indoor or outdoor deployment
  • Overcurrent and AC/DC leakage protections ensure operational safety
  • Integrated smart management software for remote monitoring and control
  • Support customization to increase your brand recognition
  • 12-month comprehensive warranty with after-sales support
  • Integrate with most energy storage products on the market to enhance charging resilience in business environments


In conclusion, as EV adoption continues to surge globally, the integration of DC EV chargers with commercial and industrial energy storage systems has become an effective and sustainable method to meet stable and fast charging needs. In order to properly deploy the system, careful planning and adherence to installation standards are necessary to fully realize the benefits while reducing risks.

With years of experience and advanced products like the Floor-Mounted 3 Guns DC EV Charger, EVB Charger is well-positioned to become an excellent solution provider for EV charging needs within industry and commerce. Visit our website to explore our complete innovative offerings that are enabling a more sustainable electric future.

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