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Our rich R&D experience in EV charging technology ensures full EV charger protection. Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative solutions, perfect for B2B businesses seeking efficiency and reliability in the electric vehicle charging industry.

  • DLB Function
  • Photovoltaic DLB
  • PEN Protection for Faulted Neutral Line
  • Leakage Detection
  • Complete APP Function
  • No Current Indicator

A Tradition of Progress

What Makes EVB non-OCPP Charging Stations the Better Charger Option

While Tesla has set the benchmark in the realm of EV construction, there remain areas of improvement within the landscape of EV charging technology. 

This is precisely where EVB shines in comparison to our industry counterparts, thanks to our unwavering commitment to innovation and perfection. With a team of adept engineers boasting extensive experience in the field, our R&D unit consistently explores novel avenues to enhance the functionality of our EV chargers. We prioritize features such as EV charger protection and dynamic load balancing to ensure your EV charging needs are met with utmost efficiency and reliability.

DLB Function

EVB AC EV charging stations come equipped with DLB technology, a hallmark of our advanced EV charging technology, which actively monitors the charging current in real-time. With this built-in dynamic load balancing function, there’s no requirement for a separate meter to oversee electrical load management during the charging process. This not only ensures efficient EV charger protection but also effectively prevents overload tripping.

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Photovoltaic DLB

To enhance the efficiency of EV charging technology and promote clean energy, our charging stations employ photovoltaic DLBs, which effectively manage dynamic load balancing to restrict utility power consumption for charging purposes. This approach not only ensures efficient EV charger protection but also minimizes the strain on the grid, making our product a sustainable choice for eco-conscious customers.

PEN Protection for Faulted Neutral Line

EV charging technology from EVB employs the TN-C-S grid mode, effectively disconnecting the ground connection between the electric vehicle and the charger in the event of a grid zero line interruption. This innovative feature ensures the utmost EV charger protection, safeguarding both the vehicle and the user. Our solution not only prioritizes the safety of your EV but also offers dynamic load balancing capabilities, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of our service. Choose evB for cutting-edge technology and unparalleled peace of mind.

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Leakage Detection

Incorporated within our cutting-edge EV charging technology, we’ve integrated a sophisticated leakage detection system. Moreover, our innovative dynamic load balancing feature further optimizes the efficiency of our service. Choose us for unrivaled advantages in EV charger protection and enjoy peace of mind knowing that no electrical charge goes to waste or is inadvertently spilled during the charging process.

Complete APP Function

Our smart models incorporate a comprehensive app feature, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for users. Within our top-notch EV charging technology, this app functionality enables users to effortlessly manage their charging station’s status and functions through either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

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Start or Stop to Charge

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Scheduled Charging

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Fixed Charging

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Charging Current Level Setting

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Emergency Start and Stop Setting

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Weekly Charging Appointed

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DLB Parameter Setting

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Monthly Max. Charging Setting

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Historical Record Check

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Firmware Upgrade

No Current Indicator

With EVB’s cutting-edge EV charging technology, users can easily detect the absence of current or minimal current flow through our charging stations. This feature is clearly displayed on the unit’s indicator, ensuring efficient EV charger protection and dynamic load balancing. Our products not only excel in performance but also prioritize user satisfaction, making them a top choice in the market.

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