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Digital Services for EV Charging Networks

As one of the leading EV charging software companies, EVB offers users smart and convenient EV charging management software, including Z-BOX and EV-SAAS, to control and monitor their charging process.

Those EV charging station software enable users to manage charging sessions effortlessly and with increased efficiency.

Charge Point Operators (CPO)

CPO use charge point management systems to monitor and maintain EV charging stations, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Electric Mobility Service Providers (EMSP)

EMSP use EV charging station software to manage charging networks, handle payments, and analyze user data for enhanced service delivery.

Electric Vehicle Service Providers (EVSP)

EVSP use EV charging management software to manage fleet charging, optimize energy usage, and ensure efficient operation of charging infrastructure.


Full-Stack Solution for Smart EV Charging Management Software

We provide fleets, charging networks, and EV charger manufacturers with all the tools they need to build smart EV infrastructure businesses. As one of the leading EV charging software companies, EVB offers the best platform to connect and control EV chargers at scale, featuring a robust charge point management system.

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EVB EV Charging Station Software Is Suitable for

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In Residences

Having residential EV charging stations in their garages is a must for the eco-friendly neighborhoods of tomorrow.

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At the Workplace

Easy access to workplace EV chargers incentivizes the use of EVs and better employee satisfaction.

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In Parking Complex

An excellent and strategic location for your EV charging station, giving accessibility to EV drivers.

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At Hotel

From hotels to resorts, the addition of smart EV chargers can attract more customers and establish a stronger brand.

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Fuel Retailers

Help expand the consumer base with additional offerings that cater to hybrid and electronic vehicles.

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Keep trucking fleets moving round-the-clock with properly-placed EV chargers that they can use during specific stops.

EVB EV Charging Station Software Features

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