EVB DC EV Charging Solutions

Choosing EVB DC fast charger for EV to ensure compatibility, efficiency, and convenience.

Enjoy DC EV Charger’s Ultra-fast Charging Speed

Experience the elevated DC fast charging with EVB. Our DC charger for EV provides substantial power for speedily charging, which means that you can get your car powered up and ready to go within a rather short time. And with our DC charging stations, you can take long road trips without worry since you can quickly get charged whenever you need them.

Charging Solutions with DC Chargers


DC Fast Charging Solutions

EVB provides both stand-column and wall-mounted DC fast chargers for vehicles with a power ranging from 20kW to 600 kW, equipped with one to three guns to meet various applications. All EVB DC rapid chargers are equipped with intelligent charging technology and are validated for stability and reliability to meet large-scale charging demands. With smart recognition capabilities, they can automatically identify various vehicle models and adjust to their specific power needs.

Benefit from EVB DC Fast Charger Solution

EVB provides users with a variety of chargers to meet different demands, offering an outstanding charging experience 

Efficient energy utilization

DC fast chargers for EV need not to convert AC power into DC power, enabling more efficient energy utilization during the charging process and reducing energy losses. They can also be integrated with photovoltaic systems to utilize clean energy sources.

Wide applicability

EVB DC quick chargers are compatible with various EV models and brands, offering broader compatibility. Users can use EVB DC fast chargers to charge their EVs easily and smoothly.

Smart Operation

Our customers can connect to their DC EV charger through our specially designed APP to look up historical charging and set the unit’s various functions.

Easy Maintenance

With the capability to rapidly charge EVs at high power levels, DC chargers typically enable quick battery replenishment within a short time, such as during a meal or shopping. This feature also improves efficiency by allowing them to serve multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Remote Monitoring and Management

The compatibility with the OCPP 1.6J protocol allows for data transmission. Remote monitoring and management can be realized with an intelligent mobile app. Check the real-time status and historical statistics anywhere and anytime. Users can also enjoy superior functions like charging reservation, max current setting and remote firmware upgrading, allowing users enjoy the latest and best features while maintaining device stability.


Easy Installation and Maintenance

DC EV chargers, in most cases, are large but with intricate internal design which makes them hard to maintain even when there’s just a minor problem. In order to tackle with this bothersome problem and hence improve our user’s experience, EVB has conducted a redesign on our DC fast chargersby applying a modular structure which would significantly simplifies both the installation and maintenance procedures.

Product Design with User-Oriented

Exceptional charging reliability is achieved by multiple protection mechanisms like leakage protection, and outstanding heat dissipation performance. To enhance user experience, EVB DC fast charging stations are easy to install and maintain and they support online and offline payment methods. By incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-saving technologies, they boast low power consumption, minimal noise, and zero emissions, aligning with green environmental principles.

Charging Solutions with DC Chargers

DC EV Charging Solution Provider for Global Automakers

Full Compatibility

From Ford to Chevrolet, our DC EV charger works with nearly any electric vehicle model. This allows business owners and residents to power any vehicle on their relationship properties.

Global Standards

All of our DC EV chargers are thoroughly tested and checked by dedicated inspectors. This ensures all units comply with industrial standards on performance.

Built with Innovation

EVB is one of the leading DC EV chargers because of our extensive research on the technology. We can address your requirements and challenges with our EV solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (and answers) about DC EV charging stations for your reference.

What is a DC EV Charger?

A DC EV charger offers DC power directly from the grid without having to convert AC power to DC to charge electric vehicles, which is a straightforward charging solution especially suitable for fast charging needs.

How Does a DC EV Charger Work?

DC EV charger provides a high-voltage DC current to the battery of an electric vehicle by plugging into it. Compared to AC charger, this direct supply of energy allows for the faster charging rates since it doesn’t require the vehicle onboard charger to convert AC energy to DC, which reduces power loss during power conversion.

Advantages of Choosing a DC EV Charger

Fast Charging Speed

One of the greatest advantages of DC charging stations is that they provide much faster charging times compared to AC chargers. This implies that high-power charging is provided by DC EV chargers, which enables 80% charge within only 30 minutes, depending upon the specific vehicle and capability of the charger.

Suitable for Long-Distance Travel

DC EV chargers are particularly important in long-distance travels. EV owners are able to quickly recharge their cars during stops, thus reducing travel time and making longer trips more possible.

Compatibility with High-Capacity Batteries

DC chargers are tailored to facilitate high power needs of EVs with larger-capacity batteries. As battery technology for EVs advances, DC chargers can accommodate such energy storage capacity, making them efficient chargers for future EV models.

Are DC EV chargers compatible with all electric vehicles?

EV DC chargers are compatible with most of the electric vehicles in the market, but in some cases, it still depends on the charging standards supported by the vehicle. The commonly used standards, for example, include CHAdeMO, CCS, and Tesla Supercharger.

How fast can a DC EV charger charge my EV?

EVB DC fast charging stations are able to empower your car up to 74km range in only 10 minutes. But the actual time to fully charge your vehicle still varies depending on the charger power and battery capacity of your EV.

Are DC EV chargers more expensive than AC chargers?

DC EV chargers, in most cases, are more expensive because

DC EV chargers, in most cases, are more expensive because they are more powerful with more built-in components. Moreover, they often require specialized infrastructure, which means that there could be appended fees for electrical system upgrades.

they are more powerful with more built-in components. Moreover, they often require specialized infrastructure, which means that there could be appended fees for electrical system upgrades.

Can I use a DC EV charger at home?

DC charging stations are as suitable to be installed at home as AC chargers with necessary electrical system upgrades.

Are DC EV chargers safe to use?

Yes, indeed. All of our DC fast chargers had gone through stringent safety tests, and EVB has always been adhered to industry standards to provide our customer with safe and reliable vehicle chargers.

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