Discover the future of sustainability with our innovative EV power solutions. Our smart EV charging technology seamlessly integrates with the energy grid, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly transportation. Join us in shaping a greener tomorrow.

EV charging ecosystem

Become Part of the Ecosystem

EVB stands as your top-tier partner in advocating for smart EV charging solutions among operators, auto dealers, and distributors.

Together, we make a significant impact in advancing the smart EV charging ecosystem. By reducing energy consumption, our EV power solutions provide substantial benefits, enhancing convenience for businesses.

Smart EV Charging & A Sustainable Energy Grid

Our cloud-based management system for smart EV charging stations offers a flexible solution that prioritizes balanced charging times and efficient energy distribution. With this system, charging point owners gain seamless access to the cloud, enabling them to remotely initiate, halt, or reboot charging stations. 

This streamlined approach not only promotes the adoption of smart EV charging but also contributes to a more sustainable energy grid.

smart ev charging

More Than 150 Million Electric Miles

With top smart EV charging technology, our EV power solutions have revolutionized the industry, surpassing other charging sources by over 5,500 times in efficiency. This breakthrough has enabled us to contribute significantly to the energy grid, covering more than 150 million electric miles. This widespread and stable energy supply ensures sustainable power for communities worldwide, supporting them with their charging needs. Our commitment to promoting smart EV charging not only benefits the environment but also offers unparalleled advantages to our customers.

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