• Floor Mounted AC EV Charger with Socket 3
  • Floor Mounted AC EV Charger with Socket 2
  • Floor Mounted AC EV Charger with Socket 4
  • Floor Mounted AC EV Charger with Socket 3
  • Floor Mounted AC EV Charger with Socket 2
  • Floor Mounted AC EV Charger with Socket 4

Floor-Mounted AC EV Charger with Socket

This EVB floor-standing EV charger is designed for convenience and efficiency. The optional T2S socket offers compatibility with serious EV models, a 5.0-inch touch screen, and a smart app that makes a perfect charging experience for users.

Charging Power

1 hour
Charging Time
120 km
2*22 kW


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EVB Floor Standing AC EV Charger with Socket

5-Inch LCD Screen

The data can be seen more directly and clear.

Built-in MID

Monitor the voltage and current more precisely.

Backup Power

Utilize backup power to unlock the charging cable.

Human Induction

When sensing a person, the LCD screen lights up.

Leakage Protection

Integrated TYPE A+DC6mA leakage sensor.

Temperature Monitoring

Keep track of the operating temperature.

Fast, Efficient and Safe EV Charging Station

This solar-compatible EV charger harnesses the power of the sun to supplement its energy requirements, reducing reliance on conventional grid electricity. Beyond environmental considerations, during peak sunlight hours, the AC charger for EVs can operate autonomously on solar power, providing an uninterrupted charging service. This not only enhances the station’s reliability but also contributes to grid stability by reducing peak demand.

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Dynamic Load Balancing Function

To safely balance the energy usage between this floor-standing EV charger and other commercial electrical equipment to make your car chargers the most efficient. The overall DLB solution for small parking lots is implemented by the monitoring device BCP-MH-01, It can simultaneously monitor multiple EV chargers and intelligently distribute current based on the usage of each EV charger. Therefore, it safely prevents overload.

Smart Device APP/Charging Administrator Program

Our smart APP EV-SAAS helps to manage the operation of this AC charger for EVs. EV-SAAS supports user authentication, and payment processing, and monitors operations and frequency of activities 24/7, ensures seamless integration with multiple charging stations.

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