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Why Choose EVB to help your dealership business?

Draw in more customers with our EV chargers that bring you ahead of other auto companies or EV charging station dealerships. EVB specializes in providing end-to-end EV charge solutions, simplifying the integration of EV charging infrastructure. With a focus on customization and scalability, EVB ensures tailored solutions for diverse auto company and charging station dealership requirements. Our EV charge solutions enhance the customer experience by offering your audience a demonstration of the sustainability and viability of electric vehicles, boosting your sales in the long term as the charging station dealership.

Solid Customer Base

Building a Solid Customer Base with Sustainable EV Charging for Auto Companies

Electric vehicles (EVs) are now a leading trend supported by governments as sustainable alternatives, creating a strong opening for auto companies and EV charging station dealerships. As such, EVB develops faster EV charge solutions to help establish your brand as a leading charging station dealership in your region.

Whether you need fast EV charge solutions for newly delivered, low state-of-charge EVs, charging facilities for customers and employees, or an EV charging demo station within the showroom itself, whatever the requirement EVB offers advanced EV chargers designed specifically to meet your needs and helps your EV charging station dealership business.

Innovative Technological and EV Charging Expertise

EVB combines AC/DC fast charging stations, proven energy storage, and intelligent energy management systems to provide auto companies and EV charging station dealerships with flexible EV charge solutions that deliver more power, lower energy costs, and increase resilience while avoiding costly electric grid upgrades. EVB’s innovative technology delivers more power output and enables faster charging on sites with limited electric grid supply.

Beyond electric charger installation, EVB often provides ongoing support and maintenance services. Auto companies and charging station dealerships can ensure the long-term reliability and performance of their EV charging infrastructure with access to professional assistance.

Innovative Technological
One stop EV Charge Solutions

Provide More Convenient Services through One-stop EV Charge Solutions

EVB streamlines the process by offering complete EV charge solutions, covering everything from product selection to electric charger installation. Auto companies and EV charging station dealerships can benefit from a one-stop-shop approach, simplifying the integration of electric vehicles into charging operations.

EVB’s EV charge solutions are designed to be customizable allowing auto companies and charging station dealerships to tailor their EV charging infrastructure according to their requirements, whether it’s for a single location or a widespread network. The customizable nature of EVB’s offerings ensures that EV charging station dealerships can adapt charging stations to different locations, power capacities, and user preferences.

Join EVB for Your Dealership Business

Across the globe, EVB has forged robust business relationships with clients in the realm of EV charging station construction, offering comprehensive, cost-effective, instant charging solutions for their vehicles.

Our expertise and services in EV charging projects empower numerous individuals worldwide to start global EV charging station development.

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