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EV charge solutions are becoming increasingly vital across various industries while the demand for sustainable transportation grows.

EVB — The Leading Provider of EV Charge Solution

As a supplier of electric vehicle charging solutions, we provide a full-service to make it easier for different industries to integrate EV charging infrastructure. These electric car charging solutions are designed to meet the various requirements while also supporting the increasing demand for electric vehicles in other industries of the economy.

Residential Charging

For EV charging needs in residential locations, make EVB your choice. We offer flexible home and apartment EV charging solutions compatible with any EV model managed by smart EV software installed and serviced by authorized people.

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Workplace Charging

City traffic is a potential hassle for electric vehicles. EVB provides EV charging stations for your employees at the workplace to ensure their cars are fully charged and ready for the road.

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Commercial Charging

With no extra space for fuel reservoirs, EVB can install a charging station in any location with our EV charging solution. Convenient and compact, an EV charger is easy to manage, even in a commercial parking space.

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Hotel Charging

With our EVB EV charging solutions, hotels can draw in more guests for extended stays, translating to more revenue. At the same time, hotels can encourage greater environmental awareness within the area by promoting EV charging.

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