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EVB Is Here to Service Your EV Fleets Need

EVB helps you manage your fleet seamlessly through our innovative fleet EV charging solutions. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, you can optimize charging schedules, monitor charging statuses, and ensure your electric vehicles are always charged and ready to hit the road.


Workplace EV Fleets

EVB's workplace fleet charging solutions enhance efficiency and cut costs by keeping fleets charged and ready.


Private EV Fleets

EVB's residential fleet charging solutions offer convenience and cost-effectiveness for homeowners with electric vehicles.


Bus EV Fleets

By providing electric vehicle fleet charging infrastructure, EVB helps cities reduce emissions thus improving air quality.

EVB EV Charging Fleet Services

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EVB EV Fleet Charger Product Line

As leading experts in EV charging fleet services, we provide scalable solutions to meet your EV fleets’ needs. Our comprehensive EV charging for EV fleets includes AC, DC, and portable options, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Whether you need fleet charging as a service or customized solutions, EVB offers top-tier support for both residential and commercial needs.

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AC EV Fleet Chargers
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Advantages of EVB EV Fleet Management


Convenient management

Remote access control for individual stations & groups of stations to monitor user access easily.


Energy cost optimization

Reduce operating costs by controlling & capping peak energy usage and optimizing charging times.


Reimburse home charging

Simplify your employee take-home fleet expenses with easy home charging reimbursement.


Flexible installation

We can install charge points at your business locations and at your colleagues homes, working around your business, we can install chargers at a time suit you to minimise disruption.


24/7 support and maintenance

Our team of experts are on hand 24/7 to offer customer service, relevant technical support, billing services and ad-hoc maintenance when required.


Hassle free reinbursements

Our E.ON Drive experts can plan and create a personalised reimbursement service to suit your business.

The Complete Set


Smart Device APP/Charging Administrator Program

Our intelligent software manager handles charging and data collection that monitors operations and frequency of activities 24/7. The data is accessible through an app overseeing the station’s overall performance to inform the following.

Support Every Step of the Way

EVB provides training and marketing materials, fully assisting you in introducing EV charging options to your customers and providing the following perks.


Here's How It Works

We guide you every step of the way in providing charging solutions for the future. Follow these simple processes.

Fill out the form

We provide a comprehensive form to know your preferred market for us to provide the best strategy for you. The format is simple; it takes a few minutes to answer.

Talk to an expert

Our experts will contact you and discuss your EV charging station needs. We will consider the details of your market field and the best marketing plan for a high success rate.

Site Visit

We will have specialists visit the future site to confirm the viability and potential of the location as an EV charging station providing options samples to check compatibility.


Our production team will start production of the custom charging unit according to specifications from the information gathered during the visit, considering the market and design for the location.

Maintenance and Aftersales Service

evB provides support and maintenance service taking the extra mile to assist you in maintaining your charging station and building a good relationship for your future business ventures.

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