Join the leading EV charger provider EVB to become an EV charger distributor and reseller, and start your business with sustainable solutions for a greener future.

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EVB gives you a competitive edge with our exclusive supply network and training support, all catered to your applications and market. By collaborating with us, we can help your business reach areas that require EV charging and offer solutions at industry rates.

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Are you a reseller or distributor?

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Protecting the rights for distribution or selling and technical support are sure to boost a reseller or distributor’s ability to penetrate their local market. The implementation of EV chargers and technical training on how EV charging solutions work results in electric vehicles becoming more available.

Support and Benefits

We make you one of our exclusive agents in the region, securing your right to distribute or resell to increase your profit margins. With our training, we elevate your brand to new heights among your peers.

Are you a EV Charge Point Operator?

Customer Satisfaction

Charge point operators need to constantly monitor different EV charging stations, ensuring a smooth network and less hassle for customers. Fulfilling that need, our smart OCPP system transmits data to a wide area while being compatible with any equipment.

Support and Benefits

With our hardware-software support, we ensure you can easily manage your network while focusing more on your business.

Are you an auto company?

Customer Satisfaction

Implementing EV charging solutions motivates more customers to purchase electric vehicles and raise the dealership’s status to a wider market. Exploiting the growth in government approvals for electric vehicles, EVB offers more affordable turnkey charging solutions to our dealer partners.

Support and Benefits

We provide up-to-date technical support and training to enhance your team’s product knowledge and enable you to sell electric vehicles in an efficient way.

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From how-to videos, to step-by-step guides, find detailed answers to frequently asked questions about charging with EVBox.

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“Since working with EVB, we’ve been able to widen our consumer base and increase profits. Their commitment to providing us with high-quality injection molds helped our business grow by 40%.”

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