Top 10 EV Charging Companies in the World

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According to various reliable sources, the global market valuation of EV charging stations is more than 120 million. The market is witnessing annual growth at the rate of 28.29%, which depicts the progressive rate at which the market is profiting.

Today, numerous electric vehicle charging station companies are gaining recognition and rising to prominence. Some of the top EV charging companies that are dominating global markets are as follows:


evb logo

EVB is one of the top EV charger manufacturers headquartered in China, with over 30 years of expertise in delivering top-tier DC and AC EV charging stations worldwide.

Ranging from 3.7 kW to 22 kW for AC chargers and 20 kW to 600 kW for DC chargers, EVB offers a diverse range of products tailored to meet various needs. These chargers come in portable, standalone, and wall-mounted configurations, with some capable of simultaneously charging 2-3 vehicles, ensuring versatility to cater to a wide spectrum of requirements.

EVB AC EV Charger
EVB DC EV Charger

From meticulous product design to timely delivery, this promising company is committed to providing an array of EV charging solutions to global clientele in the forthcoming years, cementing its position as a beacon of innovation in the industry.


Tesla logo

Once the dominant player in the EV market and a pioneer in fast charging solutions, Tesla has since opened its extensive Supercharger network of over 45,000 stations to other EV brands. This strategic move has transformed Tesla into a comprehensive provider of public charging infrastructure for the entire industry.

As a result, Tesla now stands as a key player in the expansion of the charging network, further solidifying its position as a leader in the EV charging network.


ChargePoint logo

Hailing from Campbell in California, ChargePoint is recognized as one of the top EV charging station companies. The company has so far created the best EV charging network in Europe and North America.

ChargePoint mostly focuses on providing charging solutions to the United States and Canada and has delivered approximately 158 million chargers in 14 countries. The company is independently-owned and aims to deliver open-source EV charging solutions to the public.

Shell Global

shell global logo

Considered one of the top EV charging companies, Shell Global works with a vision of dominating the global market in the near future. The company aims to operate more than 500,000 charging points in the United Kingdom by the year 2025 that can be used by all types of electronic vehicles, including trucks and cars.

Shell focuses more on destination charging, but the company also provides home charging solutions. The company is a rapidly-progressing energy supplier and one of those electric vehicle charger manufacturers that hope to focus more on green energy solutions.


Siemens Logo

Another renowned name among the companies that make electric car charging stations, Siemens, is based in Munich in, Germany, and has global experience. The company is known for its safe, efficient, and quick-charging solutions.

The company focuses on providing system integrations and OEMs along with ev charging solutions across the globe. Siemens is willing to expand its services and dominate the global market in the upcoming years.


ABB logo

Counted among the companies that make electric car charging stations that are eventually gaining recognition for their compact, high-quality EV charging solutions, ABB is a Swiss tech company with an aim to offer technical support and the fastest charging solutions.

The company has succeeded in launching the world’s fastest car charger through its model ‘Terra 360’, but it has a lot more ways to go to control a network of charging stations worldwide. Currently, the company focuses on offering compact charging solutions through the fastest car chargers.


evbox logo

EVBox, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a leading provider of electric vehicle supply equipment. Their comprehensive product lineup encompasses hardware such as charging stations and accessories, software solutions like charging management systems, and services including maintenance and mobility services.

As of December 2020, EVBox boasts a worldwide installed base exceeding 190,000 charging points.


wallbox logo

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Wallbox is known for its cutting-edge technology and stylish design, making EV charging more accessible and convenient for consumers around the world.

With a focus on smart charging solutions, Wallbox provides a range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of EV owners. In addition to its hardware offerings, Wallbox also provides intuitive software solutions for managing and monitoring charging activities, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure and enabling efficient energy management.

Blink Charging

blink charging logo

Blink Charging offers comprehensive EV charging solutions worldwide, featuring a versatile range of deployment options. Their smart network ensures high-speed performance, providing Level-2 and DC fast chargers across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. With over 78,000 contracted, sold, or deployed charging ports globally, Blink facilitates seamless charging experiences for EV drivers at their networked charging stations, available across various locations.


EVgo logo

EVgo Inc. is a prominent network of electric vehicle DC fast charging stations across the United States, boasting over 950 charging locations as of August 2023. Spanning 35 states, EVgo’s charging stations are designed to be compatible with all major auto manufacturers, ensuring accessibility and convenience for electric vehicle owners nationwide.

There are numerous companies that make electric car charging stations today. Every EV charging company is, after one thing, to make devices faster than any other compatible model in the market. This fierce competition is confusing global investors to choose among the best ones.

Tesla, Mercedes, and Hyundai are some of the biggest names in the competition, but obviously, they are more focused on offering fast-charging services to their models. Finding affordable models to invest in can be difficult sometimes. Contact EVB if you are seeking the most affordable EV charger and energy storage solutions.

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