Elevate Your EV Charging Experience with the EVB Smart EV Wallbox Charger

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At EVB, we are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. We are excited to introduce our latest product, the EVB Smart EV Wallbox Type 2 Socket with Shutter. Designed to meet the charging needs of EV owners, this AC wallbox charger offers a range of features that make it a top choice for residential and commercial use. In this article, we will explore the key highlights of our AC Wallbox Charger.

PEN Fault Detection for Enhanced Safety

The EVB Smart EV Wallbox Type 2 Socket with Shutter features advanced PEN fault detection technology. This intelligent system continuously monitors the electrical system and automatically disconnects all poles, including the earth conductor, in the event of a fault. This ensures the safety of the user and the vehicle. In case an EV equipped with PEN protection is used, the internal design of our charger includes a contactor that cuts off the ground connection. As a result, the contactor KM1 and KM2 are immediately and automatically disconnected. With only a weak leakage current between CP and PE to Line, which is less than 1mA, the charger eliminates safety risks and ensures user protection.

Sleek Design with Type 2 Socket and Shutter

Our AC Wallbox Charger features a sleek and modern design, incorporating a Type 2 socket with a shutter. The Type 2 socket is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, making it convenient for EV owners with different models. The shutter provides an added layer of safety by protecting the socket from dust, debris, and moisture when not in use. This design ensures a reliable and secure connection for charging.

Reliable and Efficient Charging:

The EVB Smart EV Wallbox Type 2 Socket with Shutter offers reliable and efficient charging for electric vehicles. With its intelligent charging technology, the charger optimizes the charging process to provide the fastest and most efficient charging speed possible. EV owners can enjoy shorter charging times, allowing them to get back on the road quickly.

User-Friendly and Easy to Install

Our AC Wallbox Charger is designed with user convenience in mind. The installation process is straightforward, and the charger can be easily mounted on a wall or other suitable location. The user-friendly interface ensures that EV owners can start charging their vehicles effortlessly. Whether it’s at home or in a commercial setting, our charger provides a seamless charging experience.


With the EVB Smart EV Wallbox Type 2 Socket with Shutter, we offer an efficient and reliable AC wallbox charger for electric vehicle owners. The PEN fault detection technology ensures enhanced safety by automatically disconnecting all poles in the event of a fault. The sleek design with a Type 2 socket and shutter provides convenience and protection. Our charger delivers reliable and efficient charging, allowing EV owners to get back on the road quickly. At EVB, we are committed to providing innovative charging solutions that meet the needs of the evolving electric vehicle industry. Experience the convenience and reliability of our AC Wallbox Charger and power up your EV with confidence.

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