Embracing Convenience with EVB’s Dual Socket Home EV Charger

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We shall examine the ease of use of EVB‘s two socket home EV charger in this post. Come along as  we explore the features and advantages of this robust charger that makes it possible to quickly and simultaneously charge two electric cars.

Simultaneous Charging: Double the Convenience

EVB’s dual socket home EV charger revolutionizes the charging experience by enabling the simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles. With 22kW power each socket, you can conveniently charge both your vehicles at the same time. No more waiting for one vehicle to finish charging before attending to the next. EVB’s dual socket charger provides unmatched convenience for households with multiple electric vehicles.

Fast Charging for Multiple Vehicles: Optimizing Efficiency

The dual socket home EV charger from EVB ensures fast charging for multiple vehicles. With 22kW power each socket, this charger delivers high-speed charging, reducing the time required to fully charge your electric vehicles. Now you can optimize the efficiency of your charging routine, ensuring that your vehicles are ready to hit the road when you need them.

Enhanced Visibility: The LED Screen Advantage

EVB’s dual socket home EV charger features an LED screen that provides clear and direct access to important charging data. The screen displays real-time information such as charging status, charging power, and charging time. With this enhanced visibility, you can easily monitor and track the progress of your charging sessions, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience.


EVB’s dual socket home EV charger offers unmatched convenience and efficiency for electric vehicle owners. The ability to simultaneously charge two vehicles with 22kW power each socket ensures double the convenience and reduces waiting times. The LED screen provides enhanced visibility, allowing you to monitor charging data directly and clearly. Trust EVB to provide you with a powerful and user-friendly charging solution that optimizes your home charging experience. Embrace the convenience of EVB’s dual socket home EV charger and enjoy the benefits of fast and simultaneous charging for your electric vehicles.

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