Empowering Electric Car Chargers for Efficient Charging Solutions

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When it comes to electric car charging stations, understanding the difference between AC charging and DC charging is crucial. AC charging, also known as level 2 charging, is commonly found in residential areas and places where vehicles are parked for an extended period. On the other hand, DC charging, or level 3 charging, offers a significantly faster charging option. In this article,  we will introduce you to EVB and explain the advantages of our electric car chargers. Join us as we explore how EVB empowers efficient and rapid charging solutions for electric vehicles.

AC Charging: Level 2 Charging for Residential and Commercial Settings

At EVB, we recognize the importance of AC charging, especially in residential and commercial settings. AC charging, also known as level 2 charging, is designed for locations where vehicles will be parked for a few hours or longer. Our electric car chargers provide a reliable and efficient AC charging solution, allowing electric vehicle owners to conveniently charge their cars while they are at home, work, or other destinations. With EVB’s AC charging technology, you can enjoy the convenience of overnight charging, ensuring your vehicle is ready for the road when you need it.

DC Charging: Level 3 Charging for Fast and Convenient Charging

When it comes to rapid charging, EVB’s DC charging solutions shine. DC charging, or level 3 charging, offers a much faster way to charge electric vehicles. Our electric car chargers with DC charging capabilities deliver a higher amount of kilowatts per hour, thanks to built-in power converters. This eliminates the reliance on the vehicle’s AC/DC rectifier and allows for a significantly faster charging experience. With EVB’s DC charging technology, electric vehicle owners can enjoy quick charging sessions that take under an hour, making it ideal for roadside charging locations, fleets, and strategic charging points.

EVB Electric Car Chargers: Bridging the Gap for Versatile Charging Options

EVB’s electric car chargers bridge the gap between AC and DC charging, providing versatile charging options for electric vehicle owners. Our chargers are designed to accommodate both AC and DC charging, allowing users to choose the most suitable method for their charging needs. Whether you need overnight charging at home or a fast charge on the go, EVB has you covered. With our advanced technology and reliable charging infrastructure, EVB electric car chargers empower electric vehicle owners with flexible and efficient charging solutions.


EVB is committed to empowering electric car chargers with advanced technology and versatile charging options. Whether you require level 2 AC charging for residential and commercial settings or level 3 DC charging for fast and convenient charging, EVB has the solution for you. Our electric car chargers bridge the gap between AC and DC charging, providing a seamless and efficient charging experience.

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