Empowering Your EV Charging Experience with Advanced Software Solutions

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As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution accelerates, the importance of efficient and intelligent EV charging software becomes paramount. EVB stands at the forefront of this technological shift, offering advanced EV charging software designed to enhance your charging experience. Let’s explore the key features of our EV charging software, focusing on its connection mode, intelligent capabilities, and overall convenience.

Connection Mode: Seamlessly Integrated with ESP32 Bluetooth Module

At EVB, we prioritize seamless connectivity. Our EV charging software utilizes an ESP32 Bluetooth module to establish a robust connection between the application (APP) and EV chargers. This not only ensures smoother control but also enables quicker updates of the entire EV charger program. The ESP32 Bluetooth module acts as the bridge, facilitating efficient communication for a seamless user experience.

Intelligent Capabilities: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connection, Real-time Monitoring, and More

Our EV charging software is designed with intelligence in mind. Users can connect via convenient Wi-Fi or Bluetooth options, providing flexibility and accessibility. Real-time status monitoring is a standout feature, allowing users to track crucial information such as charging current, voltage, power, temperature, and more. The software stores comprehensive charging history, enabling users to access 20-day and 12-month records. Additionally, the ability to reserve charging sessions for one day or an entire week enhances user convenience, ensuring optimal flexibility in managing charging schedules.

Convenient Operation: Plug-and-Play, RFID Charging, and App Control

Ease of use is a cornerstone of our EV charging software. The plug-and-play functionality ensures an instant and straightforward operation, eliminating unnecessary complexities. RFID charging further streamlines the process, offering secure and efficient authentication. The power to start and stop charging is literally at your fingertips with our intuitive App control, providing an unprecedented level of convenience. Firmware upgrades can be seamlessly performed through the App, ensuring optimal performance and keeping your EV charging infrastructure up to date.

OCPP Integration: Easily Configure to Connect to the OCPP Server

For businesses and operators seeking integration with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), EVB’s software makes it easy. Configuring the OCPP charger to connect to the OCPP server is a straightforward process, allowing seamless compatibility with industry-standard protocols. This integration ensures that your EV charging infrastructure aligns with broader industry standards, enhancing interoperability and adaptability.


EVB’s EV charging software brings a new level of intelligence and convenience to your charging experience. With a seamlessly integrated ESP32 Bluetooth module, intelligent capabilities like real-time monitoring and reservation features, and convenient plug-and-play operation, our software stands as a reliable and advanced solution in the EV charging landscape. Trust EVB to empower your EV charging infrastructure with software that not only connects but also enhances and simplifies your overall charging experience.

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