EVB Floor-Mounted AC EV Charger: Enhanced Charging Experience

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EVB, our company, is proud to present our floor-mounted AC EV charger, designed to enhance the charging experience for workplace EV owners. Our workplace EV charging stations are endorsed by CE&UKCA certifications, guaranteeing safety and quality for our customers and their electric vehicles.

Floor-Mounted AC EV Charger with Socket

The floor-mounted design of our AC EV charger offers convenience and accessibility. It provides a dedicated charging spot in the workplace, ensuring that employees have easy access to charging their EVs. With the T2S socket option, our chargers are compatible with various EV models, accommodating the diverse needs of our customers and their employees.

Effortless Interaction and Control

We understand the importance of user-friendly interfaces and remote control options. That’s why our floor-mounted AC EV charger is equipped with a 5.0-inch touch screen interface, making the operation effortless and intuitive. Employees can easily interact with the charger, monitor the charging process, and make adjustments as needed.

For added convenience, our charger comes with a smart app and connectivity choices, enabling remote control of the charging process. Whether employees are at their desks or on the go, they can easily manage their EV charging through their smartphones. Additionally, our chargers are DLB and Solar compatible, optimizing energy usage and reducing reliance on the grid.

Full Protection and Reliability

When it comes to workplace EV charging stations, safety and reliability are paramount. Our floor-mounted AC EV charger is designed with full protection in mind. With an IP55 rating, our chargers are protected against dust and water, ensuring their durability and longevity.

By prioritizing protection, we guarantee the safety of both the charging equipment and the EVs. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their employees’ vehicles and the charging infrastructure are well-protected. With reliable and efficient charging, workplace EV owners can confidently rely on our products to keep their vehicles powered up.


In conclusion, EVB floor-mounted AC EV chargers offer an enhanced charging experience for workplace EV owners. Our chargers are designed with a focus on convenience, safety, and reliability. The T2S socket option ensures compatibility with various EV models, while the user-friendly interface and remote control options make operation effortless. With full protection and reliability, our chargers provide a seamless charging solution for our customers and their employees. Choose EVB for your workplace EV charging stations and elevate your charging experience today.

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