EVB Floor Standing EV Charger: Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

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Welcome to the world of EVB, we are proud to introduce our floor standing EV charger, designed to provide efficient and safe charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our floor standing EV charger combines advanced technology and innovative features, including PEN fault detection, to ensure the utmost safety for users. At EVB, we prioritize the well-being of our customers and aim to deliver a reliable and secure charging experience.


PEN Fault Detection: Enhanced Safety Measures

Our floor standing EV charger is equipped with PEN fault detection, which continuously monitors the electrical system. In the event of a fault, such as a ground fault or abnormal current flow, the charger automatically disconnects all poles, including the earth conductor. This proactive safety mechanism helps prevent potential electrical hazards and protects both the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.

Automatic Disconnection for Safety Assurance

When using an EV charger equipped with PEN protection, the internal design includes a contactor that cuts off the ground connection. Once the PEN line is cut off, the contactor KM1 and KM2 are immediately and automatically disconnected. This disconnection ensures there is only a weak leakage current between the CP (charging point) and PE (protective earth) to the L (line) conductor. The current value of this leakage current is less than 1mA, which is the smallest perceived leakage current of the human body. With this safety feature, users can confidently charge their vehicles without any safety risks.

Peace of Mind for Users

The floor standing EV charger from EVB provides peace of mind for EV owners and charging station operators. The PEN fault detection system and automatic disconnection feature significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents and ensure the safety of users. With EVB’s floor standing EV charger, customers can have complete confidence in the reliability and security of their charging experience.


As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow rapidly, EVB’s floor standing EV charger offers a range of advanced features, including PEN fault detection and automatic disconnection, to prioritize user safety during the charging process. Our commitment to delivering reliable and secure charging solutions sets us apart in the industry. With EVB, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their electric vehicles are being charged safely and efficiently. Choose EVB’s floor standing EV charger for a seamless and secure charging experience that exceeds expectations. Embrace the future of floor standing EV charger with EVB and unlock the benefits of sustainable transportation development. Please contact us.

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