EVB: Simplify Your EV Charging with Tethered EV Chargers

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Welcome to EVB, where we believe in simplifying the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience. As the world embraces the transition to electric mobility, having a reliable and convenient charging solution is essential. That’s why we have developed our innovative Tethered EV Charger, designed to provide seamless and hassle-free charging for your electric vehicle. With its integrated cable, advanced safety features, and accurate energy measurements, our charger is the ideal choice for effortless and efficient EV charging. Join us as we simplify your charging experience and make electric mobility more accessible than ever before.

Streamlined Charging Experience

OurTethered EV Charger offers a streamlined charging experience with its tethered cable design. The integrated cable eliminates the need for additional charging cables, providing a hassle-free solution. Simply plug in your electric vehicle, and the tethered cable ensures a secure and reliable connection throughout the charging process. Enjoy the convenience of a simplified charging experience with EVB.

Clear Charging Status Indication

With our signature LED ring, our EVB Tethered EV Charger provides users with a clear indication of the charging session status. The LED ring displays different colors and patterns to communicate the charging progress, ensuring you are informed at a glance. Whether it’s charging, ready, or completed, the LED ring keeps you updated, making the charging process more intuitive and user-friendly.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is our top priority at EVB. Our Tethered EV Charger is equipped with built-in electrical protections to prevent overcurrent and AC/DC leakage. These protections ensure a safe charging environment for both the building and the electric vehicle. With EVB, you can have peace of mind knowing that your charging sessions are secure and protected.

Accurate Energy Measurements

Understanding your energy consumption is essential when it comes to EV charging. Our Tethered EV Charger features an integrated kWh meter, providing accurate measurements of the energy used for EV charging. With this information, you can track and monitor your energy usage, make informed decisions about your charging habits and optimize your electric vehicle’s energy efficiency.


EVB is dedicated to providing a streamlined and efficient EV charging experience with our Tethered EV Chargers. With the integrated cable design, signature LED ring, enhanced safety features, and accurate energy measurements, our EVB charger offers convenience, clarity, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to tangled cables and guesswork during charging. Choose EVB for a hassle-free and reliable charging solution. Experience the difference with EVB and embrace electric mobility with confidence. Charge your electric vehicle effortlessly and efficiently.

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