EVB Smart EV Wallbox Type 2 Socket: The Ultimate Charging Solution

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As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, the need for efficient and user-friendly charging solutions becomes paramount. At EVB, we understand the importance of providing a seamless charging experience for our customers. That’s why we have developed the EVB Smart EV Wallbox Type 2 Socket electric vehicle charger, the ultimate charging solution for Type 2 socket electric vehicles.

T2S Socket for Convenient Charging

One of the key highlights of our EVB Smart EV Wallbox is the T2S socket, which allows for convenient and hassle-free charging. With this option, EV owners can easily connect their vehicles to our charging station, ensuring a smooth and efficient charging process. We prioritize user-friendliness, which is why we have included a 5.0-inch touchscreen interface. This intuitive interface makes it easy for our customers to interact with the charging station and monitor the charging progress.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

Our EVB Smart EV Wallbox goes beyond basic charging capabilities. We have incorporated advanced features to optimize the performance of our charging solution. DLB (Dynamic Load Balancing) and Solar compatibility allow for efficient energy usage, ensuring that our customers can charge their EVs without putting unnecessary strain on their electrical systems. Additionally, our charging solution meets stringent safety standards with CE, UKCA, and IP65 certifications, providing peace of mind to our customers. Furthermore, OCPP 1.6J compatibility enables seamless integration with charging networks, allowing for easy access to a wide range of charging stations.

Smart Control and Dynamic Load Balancing

At EVB, we believe in providing our customers with full control over their charging experience. Through our smart app, customers can effortlessly manage their EV charging remotely. Whether it’s through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, our smart app allows users to control various aspects of the charging process. They can reset passwords to prevent theft, view charging data and status, and even schedule charging sessions for optimal convenience. Moreover, our Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) function ensures that energy usage is optimized, balancing the load between the EV charger and other household appliances. This feature not only maximizes efficiency but also enhances safety by preventing overloading.


In conclusion, the EVB Smart EV Wallbox Type 2 Socket electric vehicle charger is the ultimate charging solution for Type 2 socket electric vehicles. With its T2S socket option, advanced features for optimal performance, and smart control capabilities, EVB provides a comprehensive and user-centric charging experience. Our commitment to safety and efficiency, as demonstrated by our certifications and DLB function, further reinforces our position as a trusted provider of EV charging solutions. Choose EVB for your charging needs and embrace the future of electric mobility with confidence.

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