EVB Tethered EV Charger: Enhanced Safety and Connectivity for Efficient Charging

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As a representative of EVB, I am excited to introduce our innovative EV charging solution, the EVB Tethered EV Charger. Designed to provide an optimal charging experience, our tethered charger combines advanced features, safety measures, and connectivity options. With its built-in electrical protections, integrated kWh meter, and Wi-Fi/4G capabilities, the EVB Tethered EV Charger ensures safe and efficient charging for electric vehicles. Let’s explore the features that make our charger stand out and why it is the ideal choice for your charging needs.


Built-in Electrical Protections

Safety is our utmost priority at EVB, which is why our Tethered EV Charger comes with built-in electrical protections. These protections are specifically designed to prevent overcurrent and AC/DC leakage, ensuring a safe charging environment for both the building and the electric vehicle. By prioritizing safety, we provide peace of mind to EV owners, knowing that their charging sessions are protected by our advanced safety measures.

Integrated kWh Meter

Accurate measurement of energy consumption is essential for both EV owners and businesses. With the EVB Tethered EV Charger’s integrated kWh meter, you can precisely track and monitor the energy being used for EV charging. This feature allows for accurate billing, energy management, and reporting, providing transparency and control over your charging expenses. By having access to precise energy data, you can make informed decisions regarding your charging usage and optimize your energy consumption.

Wi-Fi and 4G Connectivity

In the digital age, connectivity plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience and convenience. The EVB Tethered EV Charger is equipped with Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities, allowing for seamless communication and connectivity. Through EVBox BusinessLine’s Wi-Fi and cellular connection, you can enjoy automatic firmware updates and remote maintenance for your charger. This ensures that your charging station remains up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities, while also enabling remote troubleshooting and support, minimizing any potential downtime.


The EVB Tethered EV Charger offers enhanced safety and connectivity features for efficient charging of electric vehicles. With its built-in electrical protection, you can rest assured that your charging environment is safe and secure. The integrated kWh meter provides accurate measurements of energy consumption, enabling effective energy management. Additionally, the Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity options ensure seamless communication, automatic updates, and remote maintenance for your charger. Trust EVB to provide a reliable and advanced charging solution that meets your needs. Choose the EVB Tethered EV Charger for a safe, efficient, and connected charging experience for your electric vehicle.

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