EVB’s Energy Management System: Intelligent Energy Management Simplified

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At EVB, we understand the importance of intelligent energy management in today’s world. That’s why we are proud to offer our Energy Management System, a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize energy usage and seamlessly integrate with home grids equipped with photovoltaic power systems. With our Energy Management System, you can take control of your energy consumption and make informed decisions to maximize efficiency. Let’s explore the highlights of our system and how it can revolutionize your energy management.

Various Energy Modes

Our Energy Management System offers a range of energy modes to suit your specific needs. Whether you want to prioritize energy savings, maximize self-consumption of solar power, or ensure a balanced energy distribution, our system has got you covered. With the flexibility to switch between different energy modes, you can adapt your energy usage to align with your preferences and optimize your overall energy management strategy.

Perfect Integration with EVB Chargers

As part of our commitment to seamless integration, our Energy Management System is perfectly compatible with EVB chargers. This means that you can effortlessly integrate your electric vehicle charging into your energy management ecosystem. Our system allows you to monitor and control your charging sessions, ensuring efficient use of energy while charging your electric vehicle. With this integration, you can conveniently manage both your household energy consumption and your electric vehicle charging needs from a single platform.

Three-Phase Measuring

To provide accurate and detailed energy information, our Energy Management System utilizes three-phase measuring. This enables precise monitoring of energy consumption, allowing you to identify patterns, optimize usage, and make informed decisions about your energy management. With the ability to measure energy across multiple phases, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your energy usage, empowering you to take control of your energy consumption like never before.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connectivity

Our Energy Management System offers convenient connectivity options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, our system ensures seamless communication between devices, allowing you to access real-time energy data and control your energy management remotely. With the flexibility of connectivity options, you can monitor and manage your energy consumption effortlessly, even when you’re away from home. Stay in control and make adjustments as needed to optimize energy efficiency and reduce wastage.


If you’re looking for an intelligent energy management solution, EVB’s Energy Management System is the answer. With various energy modes, perfect integration with EVB chargers, three-phase measuring capabilities, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, our system offers a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. Take control of your energy consumption, optimize energy usage, and make informed decisions to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Invest in EVB’s Energy Management System today and experience the power of intelligent energy management simplified.

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