EVB’s Floor-Mounted 3 Guns Fast DC Charging: Power and Efficiency Redefined

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As a representative of EVB, a trusted provider of electric vehicle charging solutions, I am delighted to introduce our cutting-edge floor-mounted 3 Guns Fast DC Charging station. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners, our charging station offers high-speed charging with three charging guns, backed by a comprehensive 12-month warranty. With EVB, you can provide your customers with a powerful and reliable charging experience for their electric vehicles.

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The Floor-Mounted 3 Guns DC EV Charger

EVB’s floor-mounted 3 Guns Fast DC Charging station is a game-changer in the world of electric vehicle charging. With its advanced technology and powerful charging capabilities, it offers a convenient and efficient solution for both commercial and public charging scenarios. The charging station supports three charging guns, allowing for simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles, reducing wait times and increasing charging efficiency.

12 Months Warranty for Peace of Mind

At EVB, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our products. That’s why our floor-mounted 3 Guns Fast DC Charging station comes with a comprehensive 12-month warranty. We are confident in the durability and performance of our charging station, ensuring that our customers can enjoy a worry-free charging experience and have peace of mind knowing that they are covered by our warranty.

Impressive Charging Power

EVB’s floor-mounted 3 Guns Fast DC Charging station delivers impressive charging power, allowing electric vehicle owners to recharge their vehicles quickly and efficiently. With our charging station, you can experience charging speeds that will get you back on the road in no time. Whether you are a commercial fleet owner or a public charging network operator, our charging station’s high-speed capabilities will ensure that your customers can charge their vehicles with minimal downtime.

10-Minute Charging Time for 74 km Distance

Imagine being able to charge your electric vehicle quickly during a short break or while running errands. With EVB’s floor-mounted 3 Guns Fast DC Charging station, this is a reality. Our charging station can provide a remarkable charging time of just 10 minutes to cover a distance of 74 km. This impressive speed allows for convenient and efficient charging, making it an ideal solution for busy individuals and businesses with time-sensitive operations.


EVB’s floor-mounted 3 Guns Fast DC Charging station combines power, efficiency, and peace of mind to provide a superior charging experience for electric vehicle owners. With three charging guns, a comprehensive 12-month warranty, impressive charging power, and the ability to charge a significant distance in just 10 minutes, our charging station offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Choose EVB as your trusted partner in the electric mobility revolution and provide your customers with the power and efficiency of our floor-mounted 3 Guns Fast DC Charging station. Together, let’s drive the transition to a sustainable and electrified future.

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