Floor Standing EV Charger: Efficient and Versatile Charging Solution

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Floor standing EV chargers have become increasingly popular as they offer efficient and versatile charging options for electric vehicle owners. At EVB, our organization is devoted to offering top-notch products and services to suit the demands of our consumers. Our floor standing EV charger is designed to enhance your charging experience with its efficient performance and advanced features. Let’s explore the key highlights that make our charger stand out from the competition.

T2S Socket Option: Enhanced Connectivity and Compatibility

One of the standout features of our floor standing EV charger is the T2S socket option. This option allows for enhanced connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles. Whether you own a popular EV brand or a lesser-known model, our charger can accommodate your charging needs. This flexibility ensures that our customers can charge their EVs conveniently, regardless of the type of charging connector required.

5.0-inch Touch Screen: Intuitive Interface for Easy Interaction

Ease of use is essential when it comes to EV chargers, and our floor standing charger delivers on this front. With a 5.0-inch touch screen interface, interacting with our charger is intuitive and user-friendly. The touch screen display provides clear and concise information, making it easy for our customers to monitor and control their charging sessions. Whether you need to adjust the charging settings or view real-time charging data, our touch screen interface makes the process effortless.

DLB and Solar Compatible: Optimizing Energy Usage and Sustainability

At EVB, we understand the importance of optimizing energy usage and promoting sustainability. That’s why our floor standing EV charger is equipped with DLB (Dynamic Load Balancing) functionality. DLB intelligently balances the energy usage between the EV charger and other household appliances, ensuring efficient distribution of electricity. This not only maximizes the charging performance of our charger but also prevents overloads and minimizes energy waste.

In addition to DLB, our floor standing EV charger is solar compatible. This means that you can harness the power of solar energy to charge your electric vehicle. By utilizing renewable energy sources, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. Our charger seamlessly integrates with solar panels, allowing you to take advantage of clean and sustainable energy for your EV charging needs.


In conclusion, the floor standing EV charger offered by EVB provides an efficient and versatile charging solution for electric vehicle owners. With its T2S socket option, enhanced connectivity, and compatibility, our charger ensures that you can charge your EV hassle-free. The 5.0-inch touch screen interface makes monitoring and controlling your charging sessions a breeze. Additionally, our charger’s DLB functionality and solar compatibility optimize energy usage and promote sustainability. Trust EVB for your floor standing EV charger needs, and experience the efficiency and versatility of our charging solution.

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