Introducing EVB Dual Socket EV Charger: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Charging

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As a leading provider of cutting-edge charging solutions, we are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger. Designed to revolutionize the electric vehicle charging experience, the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger combines advanced technology, user-friendly features, and unrivaled compatibility to cater to the needs of EV owners. In this article, we will dive into the key features of the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger, highlighting its 5.0-inch touchscreen interface, Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Bluetooth/4G connectivity options, and its compatibility with DLB and solar systems.


Enhanced User Experience with a 5.0-inch Touch Screen

One of the standout features of the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger is its large 5.0-inch touchscreen interface. This intuitive display provides EV owners with a seamless and interactive charging experience. With just a few taps on the screen, users can easily monitor charging progress, adjust charging settings, and access valuable information such as charging history and energy consumption. The touchscreen interface ensures that the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger is accessible to users of all technical

backgrounds, making it a user-friendly option for both residential and commercial applications.

Versatile Connectivity Options: Wi-Fi/Ethernet/Bluetooth/4G

To cater to the diverse needs of EV owners, the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger offers a range of connectivity options. Whether you prefer a wired connection or wireless convenience, the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger has you covered. With built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and 4G capabilities, users can effortlessly connect to the charger using their preferred method. This connectivity enables remote monitoring and control, allowing users to manage their charging sessions from anywhere using a smartphone or web portal. Stay connected and in control with the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger.

DLB and Solar Compatibility for Sustainable Charging

At EVB, we are committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions. That’s why we have ensured that the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger is compatible with DLB (Demand Load Balancing) and solar systems. DLB technology optimizes energy usage by distributing available power across multiple charging stations, ensuring efficient and balanced charging without overloading the electrical grid. Additionally, the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger seamlessly integrates with solar systems, allowing users to harness clean and renewable energy to power their EVs. By combining DLB and solar compatibility, the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger empowers users to embrace sustainable charging practices.


In conclusion, the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger is a game-changer in the world of EV charging. With its 5.0-inch touchscreen, versatile connectivity options, and compatibility with DLB and solar systems, it offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and sustainable charging. Whether you are a residential EV owner or a commercial fleet manager, the EVB Dual Socket EV Charger provides the flexibility, convenience, and eco-friendliness you need. Upgrade your charging experience today with EVB and discover the future of electric vehicle charging.

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