EVB’s Innovation in Motion: Introducing the T2S AC Fast Charging Wallbox

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In the dynamic world of electric vehicle (EV) charging, EVB emerges as a pioneer, delivering innovative solutions that redefine the charging experience. Our commitment to excellence is embodied in the T2S AC Fast Charging Wallbox, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the evolving needs of EV users. As we navigate the landscape of sustainable transportation, EVB proudly presents a charger that not only stands at the intersection of efficiency and innovation but also puts control in the hands of the users.


EVB: Shaping the Future of EV Charging

As a brand, EVB is synonymous with pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. Our focus on innovation and user-centric design has positioned us as leaders in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and efficiency, we continuously strive to provide charging solutions that go beyond expectations.

Introducing the T2S AC Fast Charging Wallbox: A Game-Changer

The T2S AC Fast Charging Wallbox by EVB represents the pinnacle of our charging solutions, setting new standards for convenience, efficiency, and user interaction. Here are the highlights that distinguish our T2S AC EV Charger:

1. T2S Socket Option

The T2S AC Fast Charging Wallbox offers a T2S socket option, providing users with versatile compatibility for various electric vehicle models. This flexibility ensures that EV users can charge their vehicles efficiently, regardless of the charging socket type their vehicles utilize.

2. 5.0-inch Touch Screen

Our charger is equipped with a user-friendly 5.0-inch touch screen, putting control at the fingertips of the users. This intuitive interface allows users to navigate through charging options, monitor charging sessions, and customize settings effortlessly. The touch screen adds a layer of convenience, making the charging experience seamless and user-oriented.

3. Full Protection Mechanisms

Safety is paramount in EV charging, and the T2S AC Fast Charging Wallbox prioritizes full protection. From overcurrent protection to overheating safeguards, the charger ensures a secure and reliable charging process. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their charging infrastructure is equipped with robust protection mechanisms.


EVB’s T2S AC Fast Charging Wallbox is a testament to our dedication to innovation and user-centric design. With features like the T2S socket option, a 5.0-inch touch screen, and full protection mechanisms, our charger exemplifies our commitment to providing a charging solution that meets the diverse needs of EV users. Join us on the journey towards a sustainable and connected future, where EVB continues to shape the landscape of electric mobility.

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