EVB and Monta Announce Strategic Collaboration to Jointly Propel the Future of Sustainable Electric Mobility

October 17 – EVB, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Monta, a renowned EV charging service provider in the United Kingdom, aimed at jointly advancing sustainable electric mobility.

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This strategic collaboration leverages EVB’s expertise and technological prowess in the field of electric chargers, combined with Monta’s extensive experience in building charging networks and electric mobility ecosystems in the UK. Both partners are committed to jointly constructing a more intelligent, convenient, and efficient EV charging infrastructure to meet the ever-growing demand for electric mobility.

With EVB’s complete product lineup, both residential and commercial users (short-distance and long-distance), will find products tailored to their needs with a power ranging from 7kW to 262kW. These AC and DC chargers with intelligent scheduling capabilities help reduce charging costs and contribute to grid stability. Users can flexibly choose payment methods, including mobile applications, credit cards, and RFID cards. With cloud-based platforms and data analytics features, customers can monitor and manage users’ charging behaviors, energy consumption, and costs remotely. Through these smart features, EVB provides a satisfying charging experience for electric vehicle users and charging station operators.

Furthermore, as part of Monta’s strategic expansion, all EVB customers can enjoy the exceptional charging experience offered by Monta’s intelligent charging application. This application enables effortless location, navigation, and payment for charging services, ensuring a seamless charging experience. Additionally, customers will have access to Monta’s roaming network of nearly 480,000 charging points across the world, allowing them to charge conveniently at home, workplaces, or while on the go.

Jundan Wang, EVB’s General Manager stated, “EVB and Monta share a common goal of advancing electric mobility, offering top-notch products, and integrated software solutions to users, ultimately lowering the barriers to EV adoption and accelerating the application of electric vehicles.” Let’s look forward to both parties collaborating to provide electric vehicle users with an enhanced charging experience and to continue driving the future development of sustainable mobility.

About Monta

Monta is a leading UK operating platform powering the EV ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid with one integrated software solution. They believe that accelerating and democratising the adoption of EV technology is key to building a better future. At their core, they provide access, innovation and reliability to the mobility transformation and make the transition to electric mobility as seamless and exciting as possible.

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