OCPP Cloud Platform and APP

  • Connection Mode
  • Functions of OCPP EV Chargers
  • Functions of OCPP Cloud Platform and APP

Connection Mode

With the EV chargers connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, users can manage several functions remotely using a downloadable cell phone App.

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Functions of OCPP EV Chargers

Utilizing EV chargers from evB has never been easier, even when not by the charging units, thanks to the multiple adjustments and configurations customers can access through the downloadable app.

Remote start/stop charging

Start or stop the charging process with relative ease, even if the user is not beside the vehicle or chargers.

Time Setting Charging

Users can schedule when to use the EV chargers, ensuring they don’t miss out on precious charging times.

Electricity Measurement and Reporting

Through the app, users can receive a detailed report showing the charge level, energy consumed during charging, and other important information.

Firmware Upgrade

Our EV chargers regularly receive firmware upgrades, keeping the units in optimal condition for efficient charging.

Diagnostic file upload

Users will receive a notification and a diagnostic file showing errors when a fault occurs during the charging process.

Card Number Identification and Management

If the user disconnects from the Wi-Fi, the EV chargers can still perform offline charging, and users can send charging data after the process.

Load balancing based on charging schedule

The EV chargers are installed with an innovative AI system that artificially configures the charging parameters for the vehicle based on historical data.

Functions of OCPP Cloud Platform and APP

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