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Energy Management System

The EVB Energy Management System offers intelligent energy management for homes with photovoltaic power systems. Our BEMS measuring devices and BEMC control devices seamlessly integrate with home grids.


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EVB Energy Management Systems

Our EVB product boasts an advanced Energy Management System, enabling efficient home energy storage and top-notch energy management services. Fill out the inquiry form, and our team will promptly get in touch with you.

Data Safety

Three-phase Measuring

Enhancing Security

Perfect Integration with EV Chargers

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connectivity

Various Energy Modes

Smart Energy Management Solutions

Our Energy Management System is designed to empower homeowners with efficient energy management services. With features like home energy storage, it enables you to optimize energy utilization, reducing costs while improving overall efficiency. Experience the benefits of our comprehensive energy management solutions today!

Residential Energy Management Solution
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Energy Management System Components

Our smart Energy Management System combines photovoltaic power systems, home energy storage, and electric vehicle chargers to optimize energy use. With our energy management tools, you can effortlessly control your household appliances. Plus, our energy management services ensure you maximize savings and efficiency.

Energy Management System Operation

Our EVB Energy Management System is designed to efficiently measure the power output of photovoltaic systems and monitor household loads in real-time. This intelligent system ensures optimal power consumption, seamlessly integrating with home energy storage solutions. Our commitment to providing top-notch energy management services sets us apart in delivering a superior product to meet your needs.

energy management system

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive After-sale Guarantee

If the product is damaged or malfunctions due to poor manufacturing quality, EVB will provide free maintenance, or parts replacement.

Support Every Step of the Way

EVB provides training and marketing materials, fully assisting you in introducing EV charging options to your customers.

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Parameter list

Power Voltage230V±15% 50 Hz230V±15% 50 Hz
Power ConsumptionMax. 3WMax. 3W
Measuring Range (Voltage)0-275V0-275V
Measuring Range (Current)0-100 A0-20 A
Output Current-----Max. 3 x 16 A
RF Communication Band433MHz433MHz
RF Communication RangeMin. 30 m (Building)Min. 30 m (Building)
WIFI Communication Band2.4GHz-----
Bluetooth Communication Band2.4GHz-----
MODE Input180-250 V;50 Hz-----
BOOST Input180-250 V;50 Hz-----
Range of Measured Temperature------55°C ~ 125°C
Environment Temperature-40°C ~ 55°C-40°C ~ 55°C
Level of ProtectionIP20IP65

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