Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging Systems with Smart and Remarkable Features

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Our advanced electric vehicle charging system is designed to provide users with a seamless and convenient charging experience. In this article,  we will introduce you to EVB and highlight the benefits of our electric vehicle charging system. Join us as we explore the smart features, flexible billing options, and user-centric protections that make EVB a leading brand in the electric vehicle charging industry.

Smart Charging Information: Dynamic Display and Convenient Billing

EVB’s electric vehicle charging system offers smart features that enhance the charging experience. With our system, users can enjoy a dynamic display of charging information, including charging time, energy consumed, and charge amount. This real-time data empowers users to monitor and track their charging progress with ease. Additionally, our system provides flexible billing options, allowing for the billing of peak and valley electricity prices. This feature ensures that users can take advantage of cost-efficient charging during off-peak hours, optimizing their charging costs and overall charging experience.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Online and Offline Top-Up Methods

At EVB, we prioritize convenience for our customers. That’s why our electric vehicle charging system offers both online and offline top-up methods. Users can conveniently top up their charging balance online, through our user-friendly web portal or mobile app. Alternatively, for offline top-ups, users have the option of utilizing our offline top-up stations located at various charging points. This flexibility ensures that users can easily and conveniently manage their charging balance, providing a hassle-free charging experience.

User-Centric Protections: Safety and Control for a Remarkable Charging Experience

EVB’s electric vehicle charging system prioritizes user interests and safety. Our system supports EVB DC chargers, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. Users have two options for charging: RFID card charging or remote charging through our mobile app. These options cater to different user preferences, providing flexibility and convenience. Moreover, our system includes user-centric protections, allowing users to actively end abnormal orders when charging. This feature ensures that users have control over their charging sessions and provides an added layer of safety and security.


EVB’s electric vehicle charging system offers smart and remarkable features that elevate the charging experience. With dynamic display of charging information and flexible billing options, users can stay informed and optimize their charging costs. The convenience of online and offline top-up methods ensures that users can easily manage their charging balance. Furthermore, user-centric protections guarantee safety and control, allowing users to actively end abnormal orders when charging. Join EVB today and experience the convenience, flexibility, and remarkable features of our electric vehicle charging system.

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