Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging with Floor-Mounted Split DC Charging Stations

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Our floor-mounted split type EV charger combines a rectifier cabinet with the charging terminal, offering a convenient and efficient solution for fast charging. In this article,  we will introduce you to EVB and highlight the key features of our DC charging stations, including their high efficiency, full protection, and self-inspection capabilities. Join us as we delve into the world of EVB and how our innovative charging stations are transforming the electric vehicle charging experience.

High Efficiency: Maximizing Energy Conversion for Faster Charging

At EVB, we prioritize efficiency to provide electric vehicle owners with faster charging experiences. Our floor-mounted split DC charging stations boast a system efficiency of over 95%, ensuring maximum energy conversion with minimal energy loss. This high efficiency translates to reduced charging times, allowing electric vehicle owners to get back on the road quickly. By optimizing power conversion, EVB’s DC charging stations contribute to sustainable energy usage and support the growth of electric vehicles as a clean transportation solution.

Full Protection: Ensuring Safety and Reliability

When it comes to electric vehicle charging, safety is paramount. EVB’s DC charging stations are equipped with comprehensive protection features to safeguard both vehicles and charging infrastructure. With input voltage protection, short circuit protection, and other advanced safety mechanisms, our charging stations mitigate potential risks and ensure reliable performance. By prioritizing full protection, EVB gives electric vehicle owners peace of mind and fosters a safe charging environment for all.

Self-Inspection: Real-Time Monitoring and Fault Detection

EVB’s floor-mounted split DC charging stations are designed for proactive monitoring and fault detection. Our stations feature intuitive indicators and screens that display fault information in real-time, allowing for quick identification and resolution of issues. Additionally, the charging stations record fault data, enabling efficient maintenance and minimizing downtime. With self-inspection capabilities, EVB empowers charging station operators with the tools to ensure optimal performance, reducing disruptions and maximizing customer satisfaction.


EVB is revolutionizing electric vehicle charging with our floor-mounted split DC charging stations. With a focus on high efficiency, full protection, and self-inspection capabilities, our charging stations deliver fast and reliable charging experiences for electric vehicle owners. By maximizing energy conversion, prioritizing safety, and enabling real-time monitoring, EVB is at the forefront of transforming the electric vehicle charging landscape.

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