Should I Buy a Portable EV Charging Station to Overcome Range Anxiety?

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Range anxiety refers to EV owners’ concern about their vehicles’ battery life, especially during long-distance travel activities. When away from reliable charging infrastructure, drivers often worry about running out of battery before arriving at their destination or finding an available charger. This uncertain journey barrier undermines confidence in electric vehicles and deters mass adoption. 

However, popularizing portable EV charging station units provides a practical solution to reduce range anxiety and support sustainable transportation goals. This type of charger is much smaller than a fixed one, allowing EV owners to always have a way to charge their cars during long-distance travel.

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What Causes Range Anxiety?

Range anxiety stems from a combination of factors related to the limited driving range of an EV as well as various issues common with the outdoor charging network.

1. Limited Range of Electric Vehicles

While EV technology advances, some electric vehicles are still limited by battery capacity, and the constraint worries drivers embarking on longer journeys beyond urban commutes. The unpredictability of speed limits, traffic, and climate control usage makes it hard to accurately estimate actual ranges. Thus, drivers must pay special attention to the remaining battery when planning their trips.

2. Shortage of Outdoor Charging Infrastructure

Despite rapid expansion, the availability of public portable EV charging station points still lags far behind gasoline stations in many regions. Finding an unused charger during travel adds an element of unpredictability, especially during holidays when a large population travels. Charging stations remain sparse resources in less densely populated suburban and rural settings.

3. Impact of Unplanned Trips

Unplanned journeys or changes in itinerary are complex for EVs without extensive pre-planning of available charging routes. For car owners on highways, queuing for charging prolongs waiting time and exacerbates range anxiety. Unexpected delays further compound the problem by depleting precious remaining charges.

4. Charging Time

Waiting 1 hour or longer for a full battery replenishment is inconvenient when using an inefficient charger, compared to minutes at a gas station. The slower charge process with inappropriate chargers exacerbates range anxiety. Drivers lose invaluable time better spent on important activities or rest during journeys.

How to Deal with EV Range Anxiety – EV Portable Charger

To effectively address range anxiety, a portable EV charging station is necessary for long trips and backup charging, allowing one to plan and predict charging arrangements in advance. Key aspects that highlight its significance include:

1. Instant Charging Capability

In emergencies where the charge runs low, an EV portable charger can provide enough replenishment for vehicles to reach the next destination. Its plug-and-play feature makes it a temporary solution to recover a certain range. This lifeline of extra range eliminates range-related worries during unforeseen events that interfere with travel schedules.

2. Plan and Predict Charging Arrangements in Advance

Drivers can pre-plan charging using portable EV charging station units powered via household or workplace sockets, reducing dependency on public infrastructure that may need to queue up. This enables leisurely and flexible travel without anxiety about the accessibility of chargers at destinations.

What are the Advantages of Popularizing Portable EV Charging Stations?

Widespread use of portable EV charging station solutions offers several future benefits that will improve electric driving experiences:

1. Improve the Practicality of Electric Vehicles

With portable charging capabilities, EVs become viable for all driving scenarios previously restricted by limited infrastructure. This boosts user’s confidence in switching to electric, making EVs more practical for travel. EV owners can rely on the flexibility and increased range that EV portable charging station units afford to reach the untethered experience of gasoline vehicles. 

2. Support Sustainable Development

Increased EV adoption aids global environmental protection goals. Portable EV charging station solutions accelerate this transition by resolving range anxiety barriers that are currently discouraging many drivers. Widespread use will meaningfully reduce vehicle emissions to benefit public health and fight against climate change. 

3. Address the Challenges of Urban Charging Infrastructure

In cities initially lacking charging networks, portable EV charging station units provide car owners with interim access until fixed charging stations catch up with rising EV ownership. Drivers who have purchased EV portable chargers no longer need to queue up for charging facilities. This supports an early electric transition. Over time, their use can also boost infrastructure planning to deploy fixed stations optimally.

Where to Buy Portable EV Charging Stations?

When purchasing a portable EV charger, selecting a suitable supplier is essential. An ideal provider has extensive experience in related fields like power electronics and adheres to rigorous global certifications such as UL and CE. They place top priority on safety, thoroughly testing all products. These combined attributes allow EV drivers to depend on reliable, long-lasting, portable charging performance. EVB Charger is an excellent brand that delivers on all counts. Our products are designed based on market trends and demands through an in-house R&D team.

The Portable+Wall-mounted 2 in 1 is one of our top products for users seeking versatility in charging modes. This flexible, highly efficient, and durable portable EV charging station provides many advantages, including:

  • High Efficiency: Using the 22kW portable charger can replenish 120km of travel within 1 hour. 
  • Long Length: 30cm plug cable length expanded charging range. 
  • More Connectors: Its selection of connectors allows charging at more outlets, enhancing accessibility for emergencies.
  • Wall-Mounted and Portable: Its dual-mode design provides flexibility to charge during travel or installed at home, minimizing dependence on infrastructure.
  • 4.3-inch Touch Screen: The large intuitive display makes status monitoring and control easy, offering peace of mind during charging sessions.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Its connectivity aids remote monitoring and updates, reducing charging hassles through over-the-air support features.
  • Wireless DLB: Wireless DLB system consists of an electric vehicle charger, DLB box, signal transmitter, signal receiver, and the main control device. It allows for real-time data analysis to balance the power of different devices, thereby alleviating the pressure on the grid. Compared with wired DLB, it does not require ground digging to bury transmission lines, but transmits data through wireless communication, which is conducive to the widespread use of equipment. In addition, it does not require additional electricity meters and can be connected over long distances. 
  • Solar Compatible: Integrating with energy even more independent energy sources to maximize range.
  • CE and UKCA Certified: By meeting stringent certifications, users can be assured of the highest safety standards for reliable, stress-free charging.
  • IP65: Its durable design withstands outdoor environmental elements, expanding deployment scenarios.
  • Complete Protection: Comprehensive protections, such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and leakage protection, prevent faults and accidents.
  • Standard: The Portable + Wall-mounted 2 in 1 charger, designed according to IEC 62752 and IEC 61851-21-2 standards, ensures compatibility and security.
  • Wide Compatibility: Suitable for the vast majority of electric vehicle brands, such as Tesla, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Peugeot, etc.
  • Optional Plug Types: ZH-3(German), YP-39A(AU), ZH-70A(ZA), YP-61A(UK), ZH-72B(BRA), ZH-02(USA), TYPR285, TYPR281, TYPR235 and TYPR231.
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Portable EV charging stations give electric vehicles true freedom of movement, resolving range anxiety concerns that currently hold many drivers back. As charging technology improves alongside rising production volumes, prices will fall to mass market levels.

When that time comes, portable EV charging station units like EVB Charger’s versatile all-in-one solution will be an essential accessory. They empower comfortable long-distance EV travel today while supporting a sustainable mobility vision for tomorrow. Visit our website to browse our innovative product range.

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