Solving EV Charging Challenges:

Solving EV Charging
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Exploring the Unique Role of Beny Home Charger

As electric vehicles become more popular, the development of charging infrastructure has become

a bottleneck in their adoption. Charging stations are a necessary requirement to promote electric

vehicles, with home charging stations being the most optimal solution for private residential

owners. They offer greater convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness compared to public

charging stations, saving users considerable expenses. This article explores how Beny’s home char

ger provides an intelligent, convenient, and safe solution for homeowners.

Home Charging Scenarios

As an intelligent charging station, the Beny Home Intelligent OCPP Series Charging Station not only

meets the charging needs of electric vehicles but also maximally avoids the impact on the household

load. Thanks to its intelligent load balancing technology, it can achieve intelligent monitoring and

control of household electricity consumption to ensure the balance and stability of power supply.

During use, users can easily charge their electric vehicles through simple operations. In addition, the

Beny Home Intelligent OCPP Series Charging Station also supports remote control and reservation

charging functions, allowing users to charge anytime and anywhere without worrying about time

and location restrictions. In terms of safety, the Beny Home Intelligent OCPP Series Charging Station

adopts a high protection level of IP66 design, which can effectively resist adverse environmental

impacts and provide users with more secure protection. In summary, the Beny Home Intelligent OCPP

Series Charging Station is an intelligent, convenient, effificient, and safe charging device, which

provides users with a more intelligent, convenient, and effificient solution for their daily life and travel.

Curbside Charging Scenarios

Sometimes, you may need to wait in line for a long time at a charging station, and sometimes you

may go on a long-distance trip without fifinding enough charging stations. This is a frustrating prob

lem. Fortunately, there is now a new solution that can help you solve this problem: the Beny Portable

High-Temperature Load Reduction Charger. The Beny Portable High-Temperature Load Reduction

Charger is a high-quality and reliable charger that allows you to charge anytime and anywhere, such

as on the roadside, at home, and in the offifice. Its design is highly advanced, enabling rapid detection

of Type B leakage to ensure your safety. At the same time, it can also reserve charging according to

your needs and adjust the current to better control the charging speed and time.The protection level

of this portable charger is IP66, which means it has very high waterproof and dustproof performance.

Even in extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, sandstorms, or high temperatures, it can

work perfectly and provide safe and reliable charging services for your electric vehicle.Moreover, this

charger is equipped with high-temperature load reduction technology, which can effectively reduce

heat during the charging process, reduce losses, and extend the battery life. This technology can also

protect your electric vehicle battery, making it healthier and more durable

Existing Power Stations Retrofifitting

Considering the increasing demand for residents to add charging equipment to their existing power

stations, Beny has proposed an innovative integrated solution. This solution combines photovoltaic,

energy storage, and charging technologies to meet the growing demand for home charging of new

energy vehicles. Beny’s DLB device, designed and developed by Beny, can add charging equipment

to existing photovoltaic or photovoltaic energy storage power stations. Moreover, this device is com

patible with any photovoltaic inverter and battery available in the market, achieving a smart home

solution. Beny’s solution provides multiple benefifits, including cost savings, improved reliability, and


With the popularization of electric vehicles, the demand for charging stations will gradually increase,

which will also promote the continuous upgrading and innovation of Beny’s charging technology. We

believe that in the near future, the application fifield of charging stations will become increasingly

diverse, and Beny will also contribute to promoting sustainable development and reducing carbon


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