The EVB 3.7 kW EV Charger: A Fast and Safe Charging Solution for Residential Use

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When it comes to charging your electric vehicle at home, speed and efficiency are essential. That’s why EVB offers the 3.7 kW EV Charger, a fast and reliable solution designed specifically for residential use. Our company understands the needs of homeowners who own electric vehicles, and we have developed a charging solution that allows you to charge your vehicle quickly and conveniently.

Fast Charging for Residential Electric Vehicles

The EVB 3.7 kW EV Charger utilizes Mode 3 (IEC61851-1) fast charging technology. With its customizable charging connectors, the charger is highly flexible and compatible with all-electric vehicles on the market. Whether you own a Tesla, Nissan Leaf, or any other electric car, our charger is designed to meet your charging needs.

Experience the convenience of fast charging at home. With the EVB 3.7 kW EV Charger, you can significantly reduce the time required to charge your electric vehicle. Say goodbye to long hours of waiting for your car to charge. Our charger ensures that you can get back on the road quickly and conveniently.

Smart Device App and Charging Administrator Program

At EVB, we believe in providing our customers with advanced features and functionalities. That’s why our 3.7 kW EV Charger comes with an intelligent software manager that handles charging and data collection. With our accompanying smart device app, you can easily monitor the charger’s performance and access real-time charging data.

Our smart device app allows you to stay connected to your charger, even when you’re not at home. You can check the charging status, set up charging schedules, and receive notifications when the charging process is complete. Stay in control of your charging experience with our user-friendly app.

For those who manage multiple charging stations, our charging administrator program is the perfect solution. You can oversee the operations of your charging stations 24/7, ensuring that all vehicles are efficiently charged. Our program provides valuable insights and data to optimize the charging process for your residential charging station.

Ideal for Various Locations

The EVB 3.7 kW EV Charger is not only suitable for residential use but also for a variety of other locations. Whether you’re at your workplace, a parking area, or a retail or hospitality establishment, our charger can meet your charging needs.

Our charger features dynamic load balancing functionality, which ensures efficient energy usage between the charger and other home appliances. This helps prevent overloading and optimizes energy distribution, reducing the risk of power fluctuations.

Safety is always a top priority for us. That’s why the EVB 3.7 kW EV Charger is equipped with a PEN fault detection system. In the event of a fault, the charger automatically disconnects all poles, prioritizing the safety of your vehicle and your home.


Choose EVB for your residential charging needs. Our company is dedicated to providing fast, safe, and reliable charging solutions for our customers. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our 3.7 kW EV Charger.

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