Unlock Opportunities as an EVB EV Charger Distributor: Your Gateway to Global Reach

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Are you looking to step into the dynamic world of electric vehicle charging solutions? Look no further – EVB welcomes you to join our extensive network of resellers and distributors. As an authorized EV charger distributor, you gain access to our exclusive EV charging solutions, backed by comprehensive support, technical training, and the opportunity to become a key player in the rapidly growing electric vehicle charging industry.

Why Be Our Reseller or Distributor

At EVB, we recognize the importance of strategic partnerships. Joining our network as a reseller or distributor means becoming an integral part of our mission to provide cutting-edge EV charging solutions globally. But what sets us apart and makes us the ideal partner for your distribution journey?

Technical Training Support

As an EVB distributor, you are not just selling products – you are delivering a solution. That’s why we offer technical training support to ensure you have in-depth knowledge about our products. Stay ahead in the competitive market by understanding the intricacies of our hardware and software solutions. Our timely consultations and training sessions empower you to confidently represent and support our exclusive EV charging products.

Exclusive Agency

Becoming an EVB distributor means gaining an exclusive agency to market and distribute our renowned EV charging solutions. You are not just selling products; you are representing a brand known for its commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. The exclusive agency provides you with a unique selling proposition, setting you apart in the market and offering a valuable edge over competitors.

Product Expertise

Our commitment to your success goes beyond just providing technical training. We ensure you have the product expertise needed to address the diverse needs of your customers. Whether it’s understanding the range of AC and DC chargers we offer or being familiar with the OCPP 1.6J protocol for remote monitoring, we equip you with the knowledge to confidently serve your clients.

Marketing Material

As an EVB distributor, you have access to a wealth of marketing material to enhance your promotional efforts. From brochures and catalogs to digital assets, we provide you with the tools to effectively communicate the benefits of our EV charging solutions. Leverage our marketing materials to create compelling campaigns and build awareness in your target market.


Becoming an EVB EV charger distributor opens doors to a world of opportunities. Join our network and benefit from technical training support, exclusive agency rights, product expertise, and a wealth of marketing material. As a distributor, you play a vital role in our mission to provide reliable and efficient EV charging solutions worldwide. Partner with EVB and be at the forefront of the electric vehicle charging revolution.

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