Unveiling the Efficiency and Protection of the EVB Charging Gun

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EVB is dedicated to providing cutting-edge charging solutions. In this article, we will delve into the efficiency and protection features of the EVB Charging Gun, a floor-mounted 2-guns DC EV charger. Join us as we explore the advanced technology behind this charger, focusing on its high efficiency and comprehensive protection mechanisms.

High Efficiency: A Closer Look at the EVB Charging Gun

The EVB Charging Gun EV boasts exceptional system efficiency, with a rating of over 95%. This high efficiency ensures minimal energy consumption during the charging process, maximizing the utilization of electrical energy and reducing waste. At EVB, we have engineered the Charging Gun with advanced power conversion technology, enabling it to deliver efficient and rapid charging for electric vehicles.

Full Protection: Safeguarding Your Charging Experience

The EVB Charging Gun EV incorporates a range of protective measures to ensure a safe and reliable charging experience. It features input voltage protection, shielding against voltage fluctuations and potential damage to both the charger and the vehicle. Additionally, the Charging Gun is equipped with short circuit protection, safeguarding against sudden electrical faults. These comprehensive protection mechanisms prioritize the safety of both the charging system and the connected electric vehicle.

Embracing Innovation: EVB’s Commitment to Quality

At EVB, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of charging technology and embracing innovation. The EVB Charging Gun is a testament to our dedication to quality and performance. By combining high efficiency with advanced protection features, we deliver a charging solution that exceeds expectations. We continuously strive to enhance our products, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners while upholding the highest standards of reliability and safety.


The EVB Charging Gun sets a new standard for efficiency and protection in the electric vehicle charging industry. With its high system efficiency of over 95% and comprehensive protection mechanisms, this floor-mounted 2-guns DC EV charger ensures energy optimization and secures a safe charging experience. At EVB, we remain committed to innovation and quality, consistently delivering advanced charging solutions that meet the demands of electric vehicle users. Rely on EVB to transform the way you charge electric vehicles by offering you outstanding technology that puts efficiency, security, and dependability first.

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