Workplace EV Charging Stations: Empowering Eco-Friendly Companies

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As the world moves towards a greener future, workplace EV charging stations are becoming increasingly important for eco-friendly companies. At EVB, we understand the significance of providing convenient access to charging stations for employees. Our company is dedicated to empowering businesses to embrace electric vehicles and create a sustainable work environment.

Convenient Access to Workplace Charging Stations

With our workplace EV charging stations, employees can enjoy the convenience of charging their vehicles while tackling any traffic along the way home or to any destination they need to go. Our charging stations are reliable and strategically placed within the workplace, promoting eco-friendly initiatives and encouraging employees to switch to electric vehicles as their mode of transportation.

By providing a charging spot at the workplace, companies make an excellent business move that supports their employees’ transition to EVs. Our products enable businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while creating a positive impact on the environment. At EVB, we believe that workplace charging stations are not only beneficial for the employees but also for the overall corporate image of our customers.

Simply Plug in and Get to Work

We understand that convenience and efficiency are essential when it comes to workplace charging. That’s why our EV charging stations are designed to make the charging process simple and hassle-free. Employees can simply plug in their electric vehicles and get to work without any inconvenience or time wastage.

By providing workplace charging stations, companies offer better benefits to their employees and the environment. Employees can enjoy the convenience of charging their vehicles at work, saving time and reducing the stress of finding external charging stations. This creates a healthy work environment and promotes employee satisfaction.

Moreover, workplace charging stations contribute to reducing the negative impact on ecology. By encouraging employees to switch to electric vehicles, companies play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and creating a greener city. At EVB, we are proud to offer solutions that empower our customers to make a positive impact on the environment by embracing electric transportation.

Manage Expenditures and Finances

Managing expenditures and finances associated with workplace EV charging is a crucial aspect for businesses. At EVB, we provide flexible solutions that allow our customers to set the cost of charging for free or with a specific tariff, depending on their business model and goals.

By having an EV charging station in-company, businesses make the best corporate move for an eco-friendly company. It not only helps reduce carbon emissions but also contributes to creating an eco-friendly corporate brand image. Customers and stakeholders appreciate the commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


At EVB, we recognize the importance of providing reliable and efficient workplace EV charging stations that support eco-friendly initiatives. Our products empower businesses to create a sustainable work environment, offer convenience to employees, and manage their expenditures and finances effectively. Join us in driving the transition to electric vehicles and building a greener future with EVB workplace charging stations.

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