6 Key Advantages of Home AC EV Chargers: Insights from a German Use Case

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The surge in electric vehicles has revolutionized our transportation landscape. As electric cars gain popularity, the demand for home charging becomes essential. Yet, in regions like Europe with limited charging infrastructure, car owners often face queues at public stations, causing delays and added expenses. To tackle this challenge, Beny introduces home charging solutions, exemplified in a successful project for Berlin residents. The chosen solution features the EVB BCP-AT2N-L AC EV charger, ensuring users a secure, convenient, and efficient charging experience.

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Project Overview

Location: Berlin, Germany

Application Scenario: Home (Residential)

Selected Product: EVB BCP-AT2N-L AC EV charger, with a charging power of 11 kW

Project Objective: Delivering a user-friendly electric vehicle charging solution for households, enabling homeowners to experience convenient at-home charging, reduce electricity expenses, and enhance overall quality of life.

Addressing the Charging Dilemma in Berlin

This initiative encounters obstacles like synchronizing the EV charger with household appliances, ensuring user safety, and efficiently managing power consumption within a residential setting. The sought solution must be exceptionally intelligent, stable, reliable, and seamlessly integrated into the everyday life of families.


EVB’s Advanced EV Charging Solution, Beyond Convenience

Chic and Space-Saving Design

Considerations for the homeowner extend to the EV charger’s aesthetics. EVB’s AC EV charger stands out with its sleek design, captivating the homeowner’s aesthetic preferences. Its compact and stylish build not only complements the home environment but also conserves space, enhancing the overall user experience.

Effortless Charging

Home charging emerges as the ultimate convenience. After a thorough assessment of factors like household power grid capacity, electric vehicle battery capacity, and daily usage patterns, the homeowner opts for an 11kW charger, equipped with a charging connector compliant with German standards and tailored to his car model. Charging initiation involves a simple swipe of an RFID card or app usage, streamlining the process with efficiency and ease. It’s worth noting that EVB’s EV chargers accommodate various connector standards and car models, eliminating compatibility concerns. Consult EVB’s experts for tailored solutions to meet your needs.


Balancing Power Between EV Chargers and Household Appliances

Given the continuous connection of the EV charger to the home grid, maintaining load balance becomes a critical concern. The German homeowner worries about using home appliances seamlessly during charging. EVB’s AC EV charger addresses this with Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB), a pivotal feature that monitors real-time power usage of household appliances and adjusts the charger’s power accordingly. This equilibrium ensures homeowners can watch TV, do laundry, and run the air conditioner while charging without causing power overload, enhancing the overall stability of the power system.

Smart App Monitoring and Control

In the modern household, intelligence is paramount. The homeowner connects the EV charger to EVB’s app using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling charging monitoring and management. This access provides essential information such as charging current, power, and electricity consumption. The homeowner can personalize charging power preferences through the app, efficiently managing home electricity and gaining enhanced control and flexibility over the charging process.


Advanced Safety Features

As the homeowner plans to install the charger outdoors, the EV charger must endure various environmental factors like wind, dust, rain, and fluctuating temperatures. The EVB charger holds an IP65 protection rating and functions within a temperature range of -25°C to +55°C, seamlessly adapting to changing conditions. Furthermore, the EVB AC EV charger incorporates multiple protection functions, including over-current protection, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, and more. This ensures the stability and safety of the charging process, allowing the homeowner to charge with utmost confidence.

Hassle-Free One-stop Solution

From initial consultations and purchases to installation and after-sales service, EVB offers homeowners a worry-free, one-stop solution. During the first consultation, EVB’s local team provides a detailed product introduction, facilitating a comprehensive understanding. After the purchase, the team assesses the residence, installs the charger, conducts charging tests, and remains prepared for any issues that may arise. This guarantees convenient and timely communication and service provision. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in EV charging, EVB’s local team is committed to finding the optimal solution for you.


A Family’s Transformation

The project’s execution has delivered noteworthy outcomes, not only resolving the home charging predicament but also providing homeowners with a more convenient, secure, and efficient charging experience. The homeowner expressed that the EVB BCP-AT2N-L AC EV charger has revolutionized his life, delivering tangible advantages. He enthusiastically states, “With EVB’s charger, home charging is a breeze, eliminating the time and hassle of locating public charging stations, saving both time and concerns. The charger’s safety performance is exceptional, and I use it with complete confidence. Moreover, the design is incredibly stylish, and I genuinely appreciate it.”

The successful integration of the EVB BCP-AT2N-L AC EV charger in Berlin residences showcases how advanced technology can elevate everyday life, creating a more intelligent and convenient travel experience. This isn’t merely a technological advancement but a proactive implementation of the sustainable travel concept. Through this project, we witness electric vehicle charging technology making substantial and practical improvements in people’s lives. We eagerly invite more users to embrace clean energy travel and collaboratively contribute to building a sustainable future. For additional product details, please visit www.evb.com.

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