EVB Integrated C&I Energy Storage and DC EV Charging Solutions at K.EY 2024 Exhibition

The K.EY 2024 exhibition took place from February 28 to March 1 at the Rimini Expo Center in Italy. As one of Europe’s most significant energy events, it attracted global experts to gain in-depth insights into the latest industry technologies and trends while seeking potential collaboration opportunities. On this important platform, EVB showcased its latest energy solutions to global partners, with a focus on introducing a new integrated solution for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) energy storage along with direct current (DC) EV chargers.

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Against the backdrop of a gradual expansion of grid price differentials and the rise of electric vehicles, the market demand for C&I energy storage and DC EV charging is steadily increasing. The energy storage for EV charging solution from EVB is a comprehensive one that integrates energy storage systems and DC EV charging. It aims to meet the industrial and commercial sector’s requirements for power quality, improve power utilization efficiency, reduce energy costs, and support the fast-charging needs of electric vehicles.

During periods of lower electricity costs (such as at night) or excess solar power generation, the EVB energy storage system stores electricity from the grid or solar power system. In periods of higher electricity costs (typically during peak demand) or when there is no solar power generation, the stored energy is released to meet the daily operational needs. For instance, DC charging stations can draw power from the energy storage system during peak charging times or grid interruptions, converting and supplying it to electric vehicles to supplement their power needs. The energy storage system can also respond rapidly to fluctuations in power demand and provide backup power to ensure the continuous operation of critical equipment and services in case of power system faults or outages.

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Furthermore, the EVB energy storage system adopts the “All-In-One” design concept, integrating energy storage batteries, BMS, PCS, fire protection, air conditioning, and energy management into a compact and efficient system. For example, the energy management system intelligently schedules operations by continuously monitoring the grid status, electricity prices, and energy demands. This ensures that the cooperative operation between the energy storage system and DC charging stations maximally reduces energy costs.

With its energy storage for EV charging solution, EVB demonstrated its outstanding strength and leading position in the energy field. Through this collaborative operation, both parties complement each other, allowing businesses to manage electricity more flexibly, improve power system efficiency, reduce energy costs, and simultaneously meet the fast-charging needs of electric vehicles. EVB’s solution creates a more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable energy management experience for users.

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