Solar Solutions Amsterdam 2024: EVB Unveils Smart Energy and EV Charging Solutions

The recent Solar Solutions Amsterdam 2024 exhibition, a prominent event in Northwestern Europe, attracted global professionals, entrepreneurs, and tech innovators. EVB seized the opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge home energy management system and the latest in EV charging solutions.

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In the high-latitude region of Northwestern Europe, where lower temperatures and higher heating demands lead to significant electricity costs, many households turn to photovoltaic (PV) systems. However, the misalignment of solar system peak generation during the day with user peak consumption at night results in surplus energy wastage. EVB addresses this with its smart home energy management system, seamlessly integrating with solar systems to efficiently utilize energy while reducing energy costs. The system can measure real-time power generation and intelligently control the electricity consumption of household loads. Excess electricity is stored in the form of heat in resistive loads such as water heaters and heat pumps for later use.

EVB’s energy management solution also offers integration options with EV chargers. The EVB smart AC EV chargers, ranging from 3.7kW to 22kW, can increase charging power under system control to consume additional generated electricity. These devices feature multiple protection functions and high-quality enclosures, ensuring the safety of the charging process. They are compatible with the OCPP1.6J protocol, allowing users remote control and monitoring through a mobile app. Furthermore, EVB has developed DC EV chargers ranging from 20kW to 600kW, offering options of 1 to 3-gun floor-mounted chargers and split-type chargers to meet diverse needs. These EV chargers, characterized by fast charging, modular design, compatibility with most EV models, intelligent charging technology, and low maintenance costs, are an ideal choice for public EV charging stations, enabling customers to quickly recover their investment costs and achieve profitability.

With years of industry experience, EVB delivers safe, efficient, and reliable energy solutions in home energy and public charging sectors. With over a million EV charging stations deployed in 70+ countries/regions, EVB addresses diverse environments through its EV charging projects, from urban centers to remote communities, bridging the charging infrastructure gap. Committed to ongoing research and development, EVB plans to introduce low-power DC charging stations and collaborates with partners to drive technological advancements and sustainable development in the energy industry.

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