Unleashing Power and Control with EVB’s Charging Station Management System

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In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle charging, having a robust and versatile charging station management system is pivotal. EVB takes the lead with a superior, versatile, and flexible solution designed to put power and control in the hands of both operators and users. Let’s explore the exceptional features of EVB’s Charging Station Management System, from its superior charging statistics to its multilingual and flexible configurations.

Superior Features: One-Touch Control and Charging Statistics

EVB’s Charging Station Management System offers a superior level of control with a simple one-touch mechanism to turn on or off the charging. Charging statistics are at your fingertips, providing accessible details such as charging power, current, time, and cost. The smart charging management system ensures comprehensive daily, monthly, and yearly charging records, empowering users with valuable insights. Optimal performance is maintained through firmware upgrading facilitated seamlessly through the App.

Versatile Functionality: Multilingual Support and Dual-Socket OCPP Chargers

Our charging station management system stands out for its versatility. With multilingual support in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and more, users can interact with the system in their preferred language. The system is designed to support dual-socket OCPP chargers, offering flexibility and scalability. Cost-saving measures are implemented by configuring the system to stagger charging during peak hours, optimizing energy consumption. Users can choose between two charging options – RFID card or mobile App, ensuring accessibility for diverse user preferences.

Flexible Configurations: Power Consumption Management with DLB Modes

Flexibility is a core aspect of EVB’s Charging Station Management System. Users can manage power consumption through different Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) modes, including:

Extreme mode: Automatic adjustment of charging current based on home electricity consumption.

Normal mode: EV Charger allows grid power with customizable current settings (1A~99A).

DLB box: Set the current via DLB box exclusively.

Additional modes such as night automatic mode, pure PV mode, hybrid mode, and full-speed mode (available for some models) offer further customization based on specific requirements.


EVB’s Charging Station Management System redefines the charging experience by offering superior features, versatile functionality, and flexible configurations. With one-touch control, comprehensive charging statistics, and smart management, our system puts users in command of their charging infrastructure. The multilingual support, compatibility with dual-socket OCPP chargers, and flexible DLB modes showcase the versatility of our solution. As you embrace EVB’s solution, envision a world where charging is not just a necessity but a seamless and personalized experience. We’re not just offering a system; we’re ushering in a new era of electric vehicle charging – an era where power and control are at your fingertips, where charging becomes a tailored journey, and where the future of sustainable transportation unfolds effortlessly. Choose EVB, and let’s navigate the roads of tomorrow together.

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