EVB’s Integrated Storage and Charging Solutions Take Center Stage at AMPER

At the AMPER 2024 exhibition, leading provider energy solutions, EVB, recently showcased its latest integrated solutions for commercial energy storage and DC charging stations. This series of innovative solutions aligns with the current trends in energy storage and EV mobility, demonstrating EVB’s leadership position in the renewable energy industry.

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Leading in Commercial Energy Storage

EVB took this opportunity to showcase its latest industrial and commercial energy storage systems to industry experts. The “All-In-One” design streamlines the system structure by integrating multiple components, while the prefabricated cabin design enhances flexibility and convenience. With an integrated fire protection system and intelligent temperature control system (air-cooled or liquid-cooled), the system’s operation is highly efficient. Additionally, the smart energy management system continuously monitors system status in real-time, accurately identifying safety hazards and preemptively mitigating potential accidents, including fires.

Furthermore, the system encompasses an array of functionalities such as peak shaving, power expansion, emergency backup power, grid balancing, and multi-level parallel connection, rendering it highly adaptable across various industrial and commercial sectors, including photovoltaic power plants. Enterprises stand to benefit from improved energy utilization efficiency, optimized power consumption, and decreased dependence on conventional power grids. Audiences present at the event expressed their appreciation for these cutting-edge technologies, recognizing their potential to provide their businesses with more competitive energy solutions.

Perfectly Compatible with Charging Stations

The system is perfectly compatible with EVB’s DC charging stations, providing energy as supplementary power during unstable grid conditions or charging peaks, and offering high-speed charging services ranging from 60kW to 600kW for users. Its intelligent charging technology and multiple protection functions make it efficient, stable, and reliable, capable of meeting large-scale charging demands. The modular structure design facilitates installation and maintenance, while the intelligent mobile application enables real-time monitoring and management of charging status.

Adapting to the Development Trend

EVB’s commercial energy storage systems complement its DC charging stations, operating synergistically to fully meet the power requirements in industrial and commercial sectors. As EVB’s General Manager Jundan Wang stated, “We are delighted to participate in the AMPER exhibition, showcasing our integrated solutions for energy storage and DC EV charging. The introduction of these technologies is a positive response to the current market trend, and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing more intelligent and efficient energy solutions.”

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