Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024: EVB Energy Storage and EV Charging Integrated Solution

In the global energy transition wave, the three-day Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 exhibition grandly opened on March 18th at the Gallagher Convention Centre in South Africa. As one of South Africa’s most important energy events, it attracted global energy experts to deeply understand the latest industry technologies and trends, while seeking potential collaboration opportunities. EVB actively participated in the exhibition, aiming to showcase its latest integrated solutions for commercial energy storage systems and DC charging stations, contributing to the sustainable development of global energy.

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Against the backdrop of an expanding electricity price differential and the rise of electric vehicles, the gradual emergence of commercial energy storage systems and electric vehicle charging stations has become a popular trend. EVB’s integrated solution is a comprehensive system that combines energy storage and EV charging. During periods of lower electricity costs (such as at night) or excess solar power generation, the energy storage system stores electricity from the grid or solar power system, releasing stored energy during periods of higher electricity costs (typically during peak demand) or when there is no solar power generation. This includes power supply for EVB DC charging stations, providing commuting power for employees while optimizing the use of idle space.

EVB’s industrial and commercial energy storage system adopts an “All-In-One” design that integrates multiple components, simplifying the structure. The prefabricated cabin design and deployment are highly flexible and convenient, with a “preventionprotectionrelease integrated firefighting system and intelligent temperature control system (air-cooled or liquid-cooled) to ensure efficient operation. The intelligent energy management system monitors the system’s operational status in real-time, accurately identifies safety hazards, and mitigates serious incidents such as fires. It can also quickly respond to fluctuations in power demand, smooth out power loads, and prevent negative impacts on the system from grid fluctuations.

What’s more, the system seamlessly integrates with EVB DC EV chargers, serving as a supplementary power source during grid instability or peak charging periods, providing efficient charging services ranging from 60 kW to 600 kW for users. Intelligent charging technology and multiple protection functions make it efficient, stable, and reliable, meeting the demands of large-scale charging needs. The modular design facilitates convenient installation and maintenance, while the intelligent mobile application enables real-time monitoring and management of charging status.

With its integrated solution for industrial and commercial energy storage systems and EV charging, EVB demonstrates its outstanding strength and leading position in the energy field. Two parties of this solution complement each other, meeting the energy quality requirements of the commercial sector, improving power utilization efficiency, reducing energy costs, and supporting the rapid charging needs of electric vehicles. This creates a more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable energy management experience for users.

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