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High Voltage LiFePO4 Battery Rack-mounted Storage Systems

BYES-HV3993 and BYES-HV7833 are the latest versions of EVB stacked high-voltage battery storage systems, used to increase the self-consumption rate of PV systems.


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EVB High Voltage Rack-mounted Storage System

Quick Heat Dissipation

The all-aluminum body design allows for a larger heat dissipation area.

Wide Charging Temperature

The rack-mounted storage system operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0°C to 55°C.

Strong Compatibility

The rack-mounted storage system is compatible with inverters from multiple brands and models.

Easy Installation

The battery connects easily, saving time and cost with plug-and-play installation.

High Safety

Both software and hardware are equipped with multiple layers of protection.

Up to 10 Layers

Supporting up to 10 layers, it provides ample flexibility for diverse applications.

EVB High Voltage Rack-mounted Storage Systems

EVB’s latest high-voltage rack-mounted storage systems are available in two models, offering stackability of up to 10 layers to accommodate diverse user requirements.

The BYER-HV3993 model provides capacities ranging from 3.99 kWh to 39.93 kWh, while the larger BYER-HV7833 model offers capacities from 7.83 kWh to 78.33 kWh.

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EVB Residential PV+ESS+EV Charging Solution

This high-voltage rack-mounted storage system seamlessly integrates with EVB EV chargers and photovoltaic protection products, providing a complete solution for residential solar photovoltaic, energy storage, and charging integration needs.

A-Grade LiFePO4 for Safety and Longevity

EVB rack-mounted storage systems utilize automotive high-voltage LiFePO4 batteries, featuring cell specifications of 52A and 102A. These cells ensure enhanced safety and longer battery cycle life, capable of up to 6000 cycles at 80% DOD.

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Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive After-sale Guarantee

If the product is damaged or malfunctions due to poor manufacturing quality, EVB will provide free maintenance, or parts replacement.

Support Every Step of the Way

EVB provides training and marketing materials, fully assisting you in introducing EV charging options to your customers.

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