WEBUILD Energiesparmesse 2024: EVB Showcases Smart Energy Management Solutions

In a recent presentation at the WEBUILD Energiesparmesse 2024 exhibition, EVB unveiled a series of groundbreaking solutions with its exceptional technological prowess and innovative capabilities. Particularly drawing widespread attention in intelligent electric vehicle (EV) charging and DC transmission and distribution solutions, EVB’s technological innovations have made a significant impact.

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EVB consistently aligns its efforts with market development and user demands, dedicating itself to providing secure and efficient intelligent charging solutions for residential and commercial users. The company offers a range of home and business EV chargers, ranging from 3.7kW to 600kW. These stations are equipped with various protection functions and high-quality closures, enhancing equipment safety. Users also benefit from intelligent functions such as remote charging management software, dynamic load balancing (DLB), and a proprietary mobile application. EVB’s products have obtained certifications such as CE, TUV Rheinland, and RoHS, and are listed in the UKCA list, showcasing its commitment to outstanding quality and innovation. Currently, EVB has deployed over a million EV charging stations in more than 70 countries and regions. These charging stations have found extensive applications in diverse environments, narrowing the gap in the charging infrastructure domain, whether in bustling city centers or remote communities.

Simultaneously, to address the growing demands in energy management, EVB has introduced the Smart Home Energy Management Solution. This system is designed for integration with home grids with photovoltaic power systems. The BEMS device measures real-time energy generation from solar systems and controls the power of connected loads through BEMC devices, such as heaters and heat pumps. Users can implement energy management by setting various energy modes and prioritizing household electricity consumption in modes like Home Priority. Additionally, the system enhances the EV charging power to consume excess generated power from the solar system, achieving seamless integration.

At the WEBUILD exhibition, EVB’s booth attracted the attention of numerous visitors. Attendees experienced firsthand intelligent charging and home energy management systems. As emphasized by EVB’s General Manager, Wang Jundan, “EVB is committed to providing customers with more convenient and reliable solutions, propelling the rapid global development of renewable energy technologies.”

EVB has announced its ongoing commitment to invest in research and development, introducing new products such as battery-integrated EV chargers and low-power DC chargers to meet the diverse needs of different market users. Additionally, the company remains highly attuned to changes in existing products and market demands, expanding product power ranges, accelerating product updates, and driving product differentiation. EVB looks forward to collaborating with global partners to collectively advance technological progress and sustainable development in the energy industry.

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